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Odd color or not, people are finding the cheap UFO camping lights pretty useful. You can't beat $5 dollars shipped I guess. So remember the idea of using Halogen shop lights from here? http://cheesycam.com/diy-halogen-shop-light-mod/

Here's another one that might get the hamster wheels in your heads spinning. Cheesycam reader Pawel writes in and links me to some inexpensive outdoor high power LED flood lights. These LED flood lights are designed to take abuse with a weatherproof housing and come with a positionable mounting bracket. The bracket should make it real easy to mount to a traditional light stand. Available in 10W [might be too little] - all they way up to more than 100W, there's plenty of light power to go around. These are commonly used to light up parking lots, street lamps, and buildings. I'm finding that the higher power lights go to a more bluish temp, while the lower 10-20W LED Flood lights are a warmer tone around 3200-3500K (about Tungsten). Around 65W is said to have a 5600K color temp.

LED flood light

A further search even shows that these lights are available in both AC power and 12V DC and some listings show a 160 degree beam angle. That's pretty wide. 12V DC would be pretty nice to run right off battery power at remote locations. Keep in mind that these high power LEDs will still generate a little bit of heat, but nothing compared to what Halogens would be putting out. I'm in on this idea and maybe i'll check my local hardware stores to see if they have any on hand. Oh and if you're the colorful type, somewhere i've also seen that they make color changing versions.. Another idea for color changing backgrounds..
[Thanks Pawel]

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LED flood light
High Power LED Outdoor Flood Lighting

6 thoughts on “High Power LED Flood Lights

  1. One thing to consider is the flickering.

    Depending of the electronics, even 50p is not possible without banding effect.

    I tried in a shop in Shanghai and all of these was not useable for video shooting...

  2. I've done a fair amount of looking into these lights. These are SMD based LED tech, I would think it would be realistic to even use the SMD LED to replace your standard bulb in a light housing, aka put an SMD into a mole richardson. These lights don't have the problem of having many light sources like 128 leds etc, they only have one. So these lights could work in a standard light housing I would think. I'd want to compare the light output to a 2K tungsten to compare output.

  3. I have bought one of these 100W LED chips off ebay 2 years ago. The light output is amazingly high. Built it into an old Studio-flash with 3x12V Batteries so i can use it on the go. INCREDIBLE i can tell you.

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