$30 Dollar Shoulder Support Weight Test

Austin Wilson from DVRebellion puts the $30 dollar shoulder support 'offset' piece to a weight test. I've seen this piece crack twice on items I have, and it seemed to break in the same place. Have they fixed a possible mold issue? Not sure, but i'm personally not taking that chance. I'm pretty happy with the Express35 RigX setup on the main shoulder support and toss out the offset. Either way, it's a good test he's put it through that still shows the main shoulder support is extremely sturdy. [Thanks Austin]

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10 thoughts on “$30 Dollar Shoulder Support Weight Test

  1. Paul

    I have the shiny plastic and the stress cracks around the embedded bolt in the flatter piece started to crumble when I tightened the screw to fix it from shifting left and right. I'm going to stick a cheeseplate on the end that I think I can pick up at Filmtools with a quick release plate. The "stubby" piece seems to be made of the same stuff so I am retiring it as well. I used the $10 duel hotshoe extension mentioned by EMM attached for my shotgun and the USB preamp mentioned on here as well and I will be good to go with my 60D. I think the form factor of this thing is great but I don't predict a long life so I will use it this week and until it snaps in a few pieces and either replace it with another or move on to the next great idea from CHEESYCAM and all the great contributors. (thanks Emm!)

  2. Chris

    Guys, I think I understand what's going on here, I too was confused by everyone claiming that the 2 extra pieces were weak... I've had mine for a few weeks and the two pieces seem just as strong as the main unit, I went back to read the reviews that claim they are too weak, and I noticed that those who said the pieces are too weak seem to have pieces made from a different plastic ( a shiny plastic)... I have a feeling there are several different, but similar models out there, some with weak plastic pieces and some with improved pieces... So make sure you have the heavier plastic pieces before using them for camera support...

  3. SkunkWorks


    The shipping rates that get calculated on cowboystudio stuff both at amazon and on their own official website are wrong, and yes they show up as rediculous amounts. I couldn't do my transaction with them through amazon anyway because of strict shipping destinations... when I contacted them they told me to contact them directly to buy it, which I did, and we did the transaction over the phone (even trying to do it through their own website gave wrong and crazy shipping quotes). The shipping was actually something like 18 bucks USPS to Canada... which he figured out for me on the phone and admitted their shopping cart was messed up for international rates and not correct.

    Anyway, Emm showed you an alternative as well 😉

  4. George

    I've been wanting to get my hands on that 30usd baby for quite some time now but seems like we European guys are doomed (or i haven't searched long enough for alternative sellers) .Amazon.uk doesn't seem to have this and there was none on ebay last time i checked.Official site if a recall listed a ridiculous shipping price for Europe but its been quite some time since i loooked there so can't be sure.Any alternatives out there?

  5. SkunkWorks

    If you're using one of these cheap shoulder supports I'm going to guess you probably have at least a grand worth camera and lens sitting on it, probably more. I'd hate to see someone's gear crash to the pavement because they watched this video and thought they were safe. Here's a couple of pics of what happened to my extender piece on it's first trial run with only a Canon T2i with 18-55 kit lens or 50mm 1.4 and then its second test after I tried to epoxy the crack and even beef up the support all around the cracked area with extra epoxy (didn't last 30 seconds).



    I still think the main part of this unit is great as long as you don't use its extenders, or at least not the larger flat plate you see on his rig in the video. I still use the stubbier one for more height but recently the plastic knob cracked and broke off the bolt that holds it onto the main piece (so I hacked off the knurled end that was formerly inside the plastic knob and use a wing nut and washer to fasten it now, it's long enough to do this). If I decide I need something like that larger flat extender plate in the future, I will fabricate one from aluminim (or purchase or fabricate the RigX offset piece Emm has posted about from Express35).

    I have 2 words for the original poster of this video... lucky and brave 😉 I literally cringed when I saw him put that large camera on his and take his hands away. I don't think he'd get away with that configuration for very long... and will probably learn a lesson the hard way. I was lucky that I noticed my break early and thankfully didn't have to watch my brand new camera and lens crash to the ground.

  6. Mickey Jones

    Both extension pieces on mine broke already. Broke where the nut embeds in the plastic. I didn't trust them anyway so I didn't really use them with any expensive equipment.

    The main unit, however, seems strong. I made my own offset bracket and it seems sturdy.

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