DIY Halogen Shop Light Mod

Vimeo member LoweRuno Productions adds a bit more reflective material into some inexpensive Halogen shop lights for a better spread. Aside from these lights running really hot and requiring a bit of voltage at your location, they can offer some really great results. The hardest part is diffusing the light output and color temperature to something more usable. Of course if this is your only source of light, you can do a simple white balance.

Take it all a bit further, here's another great DIY video left in the comments on adding Dimmer controls. This one comes from YouTube member aadailey. I've seen the simple inline DIY's but this in-housing is a nice mod that keeps the dimmer with the lights at all times. Don't forget that not all dimmer switches are created equal. Make sure you choose the right dimmer to handle the ratings on your shop light.

10 thoughts on “DIY Halogen Shop Light Mod

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Jerry - Thanks for the link to dimmer, but remember that dimmer is rated up to 500 watts. Most shop lights might be too much for that.

  3. Jerry

    Hey Emm, I´m glad that my comment helped you guys out, just a grain of sand more to your amazing site. I read a comment on that video, and someone mentioned that adding a plug-in lamp dimmer would be easier, and this one I found is even handier, it´s a foot dimmer:

    Hope that helps too!
    And Emm, I don´t know if I missed it (I´m pretty sure I didn´t cuz I check your site like twice a day), but you never told/showed us what your "?" new idea/product was. Hope we get to see it soon. 😀

  4. 619619

    Thank you 🙂
    I wanted to do a similar thing, but at the A/C socket level (i.e. a dimmer between the power socket and the lights) I think that's more practical too (or at least easier to accomplish)

  5. 619619

    I was about to purchase led-based construction projectors (adding a dimmer, maybe), anyone has tried?
    They cost a little bit more (25€) but I think that it's worth it, anyone has tried?

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