Ikea Cutting Board to DSLR Rig

YouTube member kimandcris shares a DIY DSLR Shoulder rig build using an IKEA cutting board and some Aluminum tubing. Cutting, sanding, and bending sounds like a tough DIY, but the materials seem to be easy enough to work with. Cutting board approx. $7 dollars. We've got some interesting DIY'ers out there with quite an imagination. [Thanks Cris]

23 thoughts on “Ikea Cutting Board to DSLR Rig

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  2. J

    I'm hoping someone will make a more detailed version of this video and a complete parts list for us beginner DIYers....

  3. cris

    actually if you pause the video at 1:16 you can see the 7 shaped handle, and off to the right, the broken and reshaped 9 shaped handle. I think I stopped to take that picture in fact because I liked the 7 shape much better but was out of plastic to make myself a new one.

  4. cris

    thanks! Yes I know I forgot to film that part :/

    It is a rectangle piece of the same plastic just large enough on the one end to drill the 5/8" hole, and then just wide enough on the handle part for the rubber handle to fit very snugly. It looks a little like a 9 - however when I made those handles I meant for them to be shaped like a 7 with two holes that fit over both rods. And it worked great!! However in stupidly trying to twist one of the rubber pieces (they fit VERY tightly) around a bit for strictly cosmetic reasons, I broke one of them. So I just made them both straight handles to be symmetrical.

  5. This is a great tutorial and the resulting product is amazing. My only question is around the handles, can you provide any more detail about how you are making the piece to connect the handles to the rig.


  6. Russ

    This is awesome, and totally got me thinking about the possibilities of using this material a basically a general aluminum replacement.

    This material, as I've learned, is called HDPE (High-density polyethylene) and has many good qualities, including: high strength, low weight, easily machinable, and easily bendable with fairly low heat.

    The best part is, you can buy this stuff by the sheet in various sizes and thicknesses.

    Check this out:


    12" square sheet of 1" thick black HDPE for under $20!

    If you have a almost any type of sawing and drilling tools (band saw and drill press are best, but not essential), you could made a LOT parts with this stuff.

    Also - I'm thinking of a heat-gun for more area specific bending.

    Thanks again Cris!

  7. danny

    @Cris: would you mind building one for me and send it to germany? haha..
    damn dude, very creative idea.
    I am currently working on the DIY Cage that can be found here on the page, next up will probably be your DIY Rig!

  8. Cris

    Thanks everyone! And thanks, Emm for the link - your website is a great source of inspiration! Madara - 99% by friction - the holes and rods are an exact fit. Very tight. The other 1% is a few screws that I added for safety sake.

  9. Think this is pretty cool. It doesn't seem like crazy hard to do... i could manage to do it, even if I don't have all the tools that he had.... if I can save hundreds of dollars,why not give it a go? But of course if he would start selling some for half the price or less than the other brand I would love to buy one...

    thanks for the video

  10. Graeme

    ok he does have some good tools to be able to make this


    it turned out to be an awesome looking rig, very impressive. well done!

  11. Heuf

    I just made the same rig yesterday after I saw this one.

    Went straight to IKEA here in Holland where they have the same boards,cut them up using an ordinary handsaw, drilled some holes in it using a simple cordless drill and sanded the edges by hand. Very easy, no need for expensive equipment and it is an awesome first time rig! Thanks Cris!

  12. Joe Rodriguez

    yeah... I don't mean to be an ass... but I don't have a garage with those dedicated tools. Maybe he can sell me one for say... $24?

  13. JimH

    That is awesome, I wouldn't hesitate to do this if I had the drill bit and a pipe cutter, and gas stove!

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