48 LED UFO Camping Ring Light

[Update] Sorry guys, company isn't cool with the original post. States they have a completely original product designed from the ground up. You can contact them directly for more technical information about their product and all references (and comments) will be removed. If you don't know what i'm talking about, you're in good shape.

So instead here's another DIY video solely on the UFO camping light. In this video he's only showing off the 24 LED version, but there's another version with 48 LEDs. This thing has been around the block for years and has been used in DIY Macro photography lights to Cheap Video lighting. The video showed a 24 LED in use, but there's a 48 LED version too for under $5 dollars shipped. Useable? I'll leave that up to you.. Hey if you're in a pinch, i've seen more random stuff being used for lighting like say.... several iPads? You know where i'm going with that...

find-price-button 48 LED UFO Camping Lights

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  2. https://vimeo.com/19927155
    there is a link to a video I used the 48 LED camping lights on. It is lit with 4 1000 watt fluorescence with gels, 2 on each side.
    But the significant thing is the 2 camping lights from below, giving there faces some interesting, icy blue highlights from below. It's a unique kind of highlight glow.

  3. Andy

    a side by side review would be awesome. i wonder what the light output from the camping light is and if it's usable for run and gun videography.

  4. Not to mention turning them all on and off every time.

    We are still working out the practically of the logistics, but I am sure we could negotiate some sort of bulk-shipping rate and they may have some small resale value when the shoot is over.

    All said and done, around 1000 dollars for a giant LED wall isn't the hardest sell for a client with even a modest budget.

  5. I am buying about 500 of these to make a full LED wall for a rap music video. If anyone else in The Bay wants to throw in for use of it, let me know.

  6. I still think it is a good idea for anyone else that is savvy to buy cheap lights, put your logo on them and resell then packaged wit ha gel at 20 times the price.

    That's not meant to reflect on any company, just a savvy idea that I am pitching to all.

    I'm uploading a video I lit with camping lights right now, I'll post a link when it's up.

  7. I don't personally own an "R" light but I did purchase the 48 LED UFO light after reading your original post. I'll definitely be posting videos once I get it in...I'm just wondering if that hotshoe light stand will work on my new "camping light".

  8. liu

    I think you did the right thing Emm to protect yourself legally. When we get a proper video review then we can objectively state facts that we learned from the review without no harm of legal action. This will be the shootouts of all shootouts lol.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Duff - I pulled it just to keep things cool. I'm sure they've run into this question before as they seemed pretty prepared. I would be more interested in an actual video review of light vs. light.

  10. I have to agree, the censorship on their part is out of place. You can't honestly believe you're pulling the wool over anyone's eyes in the age of information. If they don't take your commentary in consideration (I caught the original post, and it was a rip-off to say the least), they should really think of another line of business. The folks that visit this site are their target market, and they are very savvy people. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with next.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @rperenia - According to option 'B', they claim to have an original product that performs differently. I have no side by side comparisons, so for now I've decided to remove any references. I cannot state that option 'A' can perform in the same manner as option 'B'.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Giulio Sciorio - No bullying here. I made a decision to remove any references. They have plenty of specs regarding their product, and are more than willing to share it with anyone who contacts them. For now i'm just removing any references, but personally I would love to see a video comparison.

  13. One of the best posts on this site got taken down because some company didn't like it? Maybe they should prove that their product is original and talk about how its better then a $1 camping light you can get off of ebay?

    As a consumer I would respect them more if they took that route then bully one of the best sites in the HDSLR community.

    I'm disappointed that you caved in to their complaints.

  14. liu

    I bought four of these to go with my 4 yongnuo's. I will do a review when they come in. Hoping to use them for a documentary in kenya to throw some extra light on night shots.

  15. Thank E! I've been looking for alternatives for this! I mean why pay $100 for something when some that cost $1 + shipping will do the same exact thing. Good find!

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