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[Update] Sorry guys, company isn't cool with the original post. States they have a completely original product designed from the ground up. You can contact them directly for more technical information about their product and all references (and comments) will be removed. If you don't know what i'm talking about, you're in good shape.

So instead here's another DIY video solely on the UFO camping light. In this video he's only showing off the 24 LED version, but there's another version with 48 LEDs. This thing has been around the block for years and has been used in DIY Macro photography lights to Cheap Video lighting. The video showed a 24 LED in use, but there's a 48 LED version too for under $5 dollars shipped. Useable? I'll leave that up to you.. Hey if you're in a pinch, i've seen more random stuff being used for lighting like say.... several iPads? You know where i'm going with that...

find-price-button 48 LED UFO Camping Lights