Magic Lantern Updated Firmware Review

I get so many comments about Magic Lantern, and the lack of posts on here. I figured the whole world already knows about it and every DSLR blog is talking about it too, so why be redundant? Ok fine, here's one for you, so you can stop asking me to post something.Vimeo member Dave Knop gives a tour about the latest Magic Lantern firmware. New Color features help you get an idea on exposure and also what's in focus. You can find out more about Magic Lantern here:

12 thoughts on “Magic Lantern Updated Firmware Review

  1. rich

    @ Dietrich

    please do a video, i'm so fed up with all the videos like this one showing the features but with no actual explanation or understanding of their uses. I have the firmware installed so don't need to see it in action but i do need to understand some of the features that are new to someone who doesn't have a background in video.

    I have never used focus peaking, zebras, IRE, or white balance in kelvin etc... I understand the concepts but they aren't always obvious when to apply. a quick guide on how to use the features not just that they're there would be much appreciated.

    why make a tutorial if you aren't fully informed....


  2. Dietrich

    @ Joe G - Don't count on a 7D version ever coming out. Canon for some reason took great pains to protect it from being cracked. Probably because of the processing power it has over the other Canons. The 7D had been my preferred camera because of the full-res hdmi output allowed focus peaking to work on external monitors while recording.

    But with the latest Magic Lanterns builds there is less need for this one feature. I just sold my 7D and bought two more T2i's.

    Of course things may change in the near future, but as long as I'm putting these bodies to use I have no problem selling them later for a loss and upgrading.


  3. Dietrich

    @ Andy S - the main wiki page wont have the latest builds, because so much development is happening (literally three or four new builds a day). they'll eventually put another public release on the wiki once a great deal of testing is finished.

    To get the newest development builds go to and look for the thread titled Magic Lantern 0.2.0 RC1 for 550D firmware 1.0.9 you may have to do some reading but it is worth it.

    Alex, one of the most active developers, emailed me yesterday to let me know that he thinks he found a way to have adjustable CBR for the video rather than the VBR Qscale that has been tried.

    @Kevin - Too true, but not only is Dave's build "ancient" but he seems woefully uninformed about the features. You can customize the zebra ire display settings, use an RGB parade type of histogram, also a waveform monitor. Big one; if you are going to leave AGC on you should turn audio levels down to zero or the additional gain will be added to AGC adjustments, really there is so much more I should do another video.


  4. I have a t2i....but instead of using magic lantern...WHEN DOES THE 5d mk iii COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!


    5dmkii has been out forever....I'm sold on the concept of hdslr camera...let's go 5d upgrade!

  5. Kevin

    The "problem" with linking to magic lantern videos....
    New stuff gets added each day! They are almost like Apple, except you upgrade to the latest toy free of charge!

  6. Bob Orient

    The update looks nice, has anyone used the HDR Bracket feature?

    I have a 60d and wish they'd develop something like this for it!

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