Cinevate Simplis DSLR Rig

Here's a cool little Ad shot for Cinevate's new DSLR rig. Most DSLR rigs are built around a foundation of rails, but Cinevate's new 'Simplis' takes a different approach to where the rig starts from a custom Quick Release Base plate. The Quick Release base plate is Manfrotto compatible and has several 1/4 x 20 threaded holes to mount anything from handles, to shoulder stock, to monitor arms, and more. The text below is taken from their Vimeo page.

Introducing the Proteus Simplis DSLR Rig. This rig embodies simplicity and scaleability. At it's core it is the foundation for countless, customized DSLR rig configurations.

It is the DSLR rig that covers the complete spectrum of shooting styles and skill levels.

For more info visit​simplis

This piece was shot/edited by our good friends at Imaginarium Studio.

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8 thoughts on “Cinevate Simplis DSLR Rig

  1. Folks,
    Keep checking Ebay. It may sound like a joke, but I got a BRAND NEW one for...get this...$150! Whoever sold it had NO IDEA what they had. In fact, I got the Pro version. It's listed at $1100 on BHPhoto...which is totally ridiculous. The sucker is well made, but it is not worth $1100.

  2. rs732

    That base plate seems extremely versatile, does anyone know of an alternative base plate, that is a bit more budget friendly?

  3. According to the video, there are rail mounts to mount a rail system on the bottom. This has an array of 1/4 20 holes in addition to that. This could be done alot cheaper. Just a thick aluminum plate with 1/4 20 holes milled in the sides and a QR plate on top. and some 1/4 20 3/8's on the top/bottom

  4. imgpro615

    awesome versatility...pricing is well into the PROFANE! verdict...highway robbery...i cannot understand how these companies justify charging this much...cinevate, zacuto, redrock micro, cavision,and many others... is like labeling something as a DSLR accessory gives carte blanche freedom to decide on exorbitant pricing schemes for simple stuff...i will GLADLY wait a couple weeks for my Chinese knock off goods of comparable quality...

    ...that aside, there are some amazing pieces of kit under those and other overpriced labels...

  5. alex

    Clearly you weren't paying attention, the plate has more mounting options all you need is an articulating ARM stock and you can customize it to your liking with any and all the fixings. Made for versatility.

  6. It just seems....less than versatile.
    The great thing about rails is the mounting options.... I feel like on this guy, I'd have to mount rails in weird places just to put all my crap (follow focus, zoom h1, mic, lights) on it.
    Thumbs down on this one.
    Cool quick release plate though.

  7. Nice design, but ridiculously expensive. The $400 Solo is virtually the same thing as the shoulder stock/handle DIY you just posted.

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