Flycam Nano Now available

I posted an article about my Steadicam JR auction and there was definitely some interest in that item. I also posted about a single Hollywood VS1 stabilizer that went up for auction, and somebody was lucky to grab it by the next day. Looks like lightweight stabilizers are still in demand. After posting an article and a video review from Vimeo member Kaydawgy about the Flycam Nano video camera stabilizer, those little units have been very popular as well.

Periodically I'll get comments and emails asking about where to find the Flycam Nano lightweight video stabilizers when they are sold out, so right now a few of them have shown back up on auctions. If you've missed out on the other lightweight stabilizers i've been posting about, check out the Flycam Nano stabilizers while they're around.

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24 thoughts on “Flycam Nano Now available

  1. hi and thanks for your great job. it helps, really 🙂
    just a question :
    do you think the stuff will go allright with a 60D and my 10/22 canon ?
    thx again for your time mate.
    cheers from france.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Edson - It's actually a two handed operation to fly these stabilizers. You use one hand to carry, and one hand to turn it.

  3. Hello there, I wonder how to spin the camera to the left/right without touch it. I see you move it forward and backward, to the left and right and up and down but what about turns? Is there an easy way to do so without compromise the footage? Or this is no problem at all?

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  5. inazio

    Mine arrived in a month. Shipping was fast, but took them 3 weeks to deliver. It has been sitting in a shelf for 3 months, after trying to stabilize it with no fortune. No instructions, no guides, nothing....

  6. paul

    Can anyone who bought their Flycam from the ebay seller from the link above tell me how long it took to receive their item?

    From India to CA could be awhile, even says mid-december!


  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Cwow- No plans to review it. From my own research the product is a bit of money for something so large and not as fluid as a Glidecam. I'd be glad to post information if someone else has a decent review.

  8. Cwow

    Seems like a pretty cool stabilizer.

    I was wondering has anyone tried the Varizoom Flowpod.

    Emm it would be really awesome to see a review of it. Because in theory it looks great to be able to fly and then go to a standard shot. But who know if it really works. Do you have any plans to to a review or does anyone have any thoughts on it.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @paul - neither one will fly an led light. You need to go bigger. The glidecam 2000 should work, or step up to the hd4000.

  10. Paul

    I know this is an example of comparing apples and oranges but I really think I am going to go with only one of these "styles" of stabilization so I am interested in the differences. I sometimes shoot red carpet type events but they last for most of a day (with breaks) , is there any logic in comparing a "IndieHardware Stabilizer" type device to a Flycam Nano for this kind of gig? I'm normally using a T2i with a Tamron 10-24 on it and Z96 or the old 126 LED. Thoughts?

  11. Emm

    Post author

    Not that the battery pack would add much weight, but lifting the camera 'higher' from the gimbal will make it very top heavy. When making the unit more 'bottom heavy' you slide the sled down by just millimeters to change the weight ratio from the gimbal (center of balance). I don't think it would work with a battery pack unless you went out and bought additional weights for the lower sled.

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