Ikan 48 Hour Blowout Sales Event


Thanks to Darius for reminding me about these once in a while sales from Ikan. Periodically Ikan will have a 48 hour blowout sale discounting very select items from 30-50% off. Sounds like a great deal, but here's the other catch. Those very minimal select items are also on sale in minimal limited quantities. Today the IKan Friction Follow Focus shows up on the sale page starting with only 15 available at a discounted price of 30% off. If you're looking for a simple, modular, fast to mount follow focus that doesn't require different sized lens gears for each lens you own, today could be your day.


I've been playing with the one I have for a while and although it can be mounted in many different ways, I find it works best when using the rod adapter mount, and put onto the new Gini Rig that I have. If you don't have a basic rail mount, you can find a cheap base set over at Express35.com.


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  1. Dan

    I picked up a FF too. I'm actually in the process of building my own like the ikan with the parts suggested by another commenter:

    "Vitor S.
    October 21st, 2010 at 6:53 am
    way to expensive for what it is (minus the base):

    a 18$ Huco L-Gearbox
    Gearbox: https://www.huco.com/products.asp?cat=162

    and 10$ for two BaneBots wheels and hubs
    Wheels: https://www.robotshop.com/eu/banebots-04in-05hex-wheels-8.html
    Hubs: https://www.robotshop.com/eu/hex-hub-s40-4mm-1wide.html

    just DIY the thing"

    So far it looks like it might turn out pretty good but $139 for a brand new model FF is a good deal.

    Are there any other websites out there that do weekly deals on their products like this?

  2. Noel R

    I am returning my Ikan F3 follow focus today. I had a chance to work with it and here are my findings;

    1) If you are using a viewfinder with an attachment plate (I use a Zacuto VF 2.5 with a gorilla plate) and a quick release plate under it, be aware that there will be a considerable amount of space between the lens focus ring and the follow focus gear/wheel.

    2) The F3 can only be adjusted side to side. There is NO height adjustment. Moreover, the sample that I got had the pointed gear knob underneath (used to tighten the gear mechanism) oriented inwards at its tightest, so this prevented the side-to-side adjustment from fully going all the way towards the lens when I need it to.

    3) I mostly had this adjustment issues when using smaller vintage prime lenses. I use quite a few from my Nikon collection. I was able to use the F3 fairly well with my Canon USM zoom lenses. They are mostly fat enabling the F3 gears to reach them with minimal adjustments.

    4) I also had an issue with the other focus gear/wheel that I turn when the other wheel is engaged to the lens. This wheel I use to turn had a wiggle. There was a small but annoying amount of play when you turn the wheel. It was NOT tightly engaged with the other wheel. I asked Ikan support of there was any way to tighten this wheel and they said there was no way this could be done because the F3 comes to them manufactured as is.

    5) I was also a little disappointed with Ikan tech support. I brought these issues to them soon after I got their F3. To be fair, they were all polite and called me back promptly, but I felt they were not really willing to do anything to make the product work for my needs. They've always said outright they would do what they can, but just didn't.

    6) I tried to make my own modifications to the product. I replaced the pointed adjustment knob with a flat hex screw and plastic washer from Home Depot and was able to maximize the sire-to-side adjustment. But I still need to get the gear further inwards for my smaller prime lenses. It was either that, or some kind of height adjustment via a metal spacer under the gear box, or a bigger gear wheel. I made these requests to Ikan, and they were NOT willing to work with me on this.

    I am submitting these comments to hopefully be of help to others out there who are researching this product. The F3 is fairly well made as compared to what's out there. But if you are using a Viewfinder with a plate (Zacuto, Red Rock, Letus, etc.) and a quick release plate along underneath, make sure you are aware of these potential (problem) issues and that Ikan will NOT be of any help to you.

    Noel R

  3. 139 is tough to beat for a follow focus, but has anyone tried it, i was looking at the dfocus but in the end i'm always looking to save a buck...got to put those kids through college someday 🙂

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