Falcon Follow Focus – Available

Hangrip teased us with a new Falcon Follow Focus about a month ago, and it's finally available. For those of you across the pond, that might have already received it, give us the good word. The initial price is still a couple of hundred dollars, but it actually makes it one of the more affordable FF systems. The position of the gear is much better placed than 'cheaper FF's', as it can adapt to many different size lenses without having to deal with 'risers'. That's a huge problem with FF's that have the gears sitting too close to the rails.

Modern aesthetic design
Lightweight composite material
5 ball bearings
Reversible drive gear
Snap in 3D marking disc
Movable marking indicator
Advanced lens gear

Package includes: Follow focus unit and one Loop lens gear.

The new Falcon Follow Focus looks pretty large and in charge from the video above, but we'll soon see how it will hold up to it's competitors within that price range. Though the suggested retail price is set, eBay auctions right now are being offered at a discounted starting price found below:

Screen shot 2011-05-21 at 4.42.04 AM
find-price-button Hangrip Falcon Follow Focus

10 thoughts on “Falcon Follow Focus – Available

  1. steve

    I got this follow focus today, Im really impressed, no play, very simple, nice feel. I really like the height and shape of it. It reaches all my lenses easily, 121 euros aint bad either.

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  3. Akil Ifill

    I made an ebay bid and it was retracted due to security concerns from the seller but i would buy one of these over the DFocus. Seems to be alot better build quality.

  4. Mark Chamberlain

    Taken from the HanGrip website:

    "Falcon follow focus.
    This is pre-production version. We will improve the overall quality to final production version. Due high demand for affordable follow focus unit we have decide to sell pre-production version on discount. You will get 100€ discount.

    Pre-production version has a bit of play and is not all smooth to operate. Also changing the drive gear from side to side may affect how smooth the unit works. If you decide to buy this version you have to be aware of these issues. There will be possibility upgrade to production version once it is released."

  5. If I'm not mistaken, the Falcon's on eBay are actually pre-production models. They might vary a little from the final production model. Last I heard - they'll start shipping the final version approx. by the end of june.

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