Panasonic GH2 Body – 1 Available

Yes it's an amazing camera if you can actually get a hold of one. Retailers are always out stock, and even if you can find a GH2 it's going for a pretty nice markup. Samy's seems to have 1 single Black (Body only) in stock for regular price. Here's your chance to save $200-$300 dollars on this beauty compared to going eBay rates. Lucky takers, follow the link below:

find-price-button Panasonic Lumix GH2 Black - Body Only

8 thoughts on “Panasonic GH2 Body – 1 Available

  1. Muchas gracias. I'm reading up on it and I think it would be a very good option for video for events in dimly lit places with the 0.95.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - The GH2 will hold up really well against most Canon cameras and yes it can shoot 24 natively. You can't mount a 4/3 lens on a Canon, since it's very small. You could mount a Canon to 4/3 because the Canon lens starts out larger.

  3. Since I'm a Canon guy, I didn't really consider this camera until I found out that Voigtlander 0.95 has a mount for 4.3. So here are my two questions.

    a) Is there to your knowledge such a thing as an adapter from 4.3 to EF, so when the Voigtlander appears again you could use it with Canon bodies?
    b) How's the video situation on the GH2. I read about the hack with the GH1, so that you get clear 1080 24p, even if it's only AVCHD. What's the deal with the GH2, can you get 1080 24p natively, or do you need a hack or what?

  4. I am liking my GH2 much better since I finally learned how to utilize it more.
    Chart tests might not show it, but I seem to get more dynamic range out of GH2 than T2i outdoors, under the bright California sun.
    I had to perform a lot of post processing on T2i footage to bring out the details from the shadows, but with GH2, I just balance the luma a bit, and I seem to get the whole range of details without blowing the highlight. I still use both cameras, but if I had to choose one to travel with, it will definitely GH2 due to much smaller size and not needing to pack a Viewfinder.

  5. Chris

    I actually have an extra Black Body Only GH2 if anyone needs one.

    You pay what I paid + shipping. USA only please.

    Make contact at

  6. Emm

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    @J Hanna - I'm not fond of the menu and ergonomics, but the GH2 is definitely the clear winner.. Combine that with a 14mm or 20mm and you'll get a decent wide shot under low light. The GH2 also uses digital zoom features which means even if you have just one lens, you can change it to different focal lengths by turning the digital zoom on and still have a wide aperture. You suffer just a bit of clarity, but beats carrying out multiple lenses.

  7. So... we all know that canon is the best camera maker out there.
    I've given them TONS of my money and will continue too.
    I'm looking for a back up camera though.
    Something smaller and more portable.
    Something that works well in low light. I'm a location scout. So low light sensitivity and being able to get a wide shot are crucial.
    What's your take em?
    What would you consider the best backup camera to your beefy canon 5dmkii?
    The gh2? canon's g12? sony nex5?

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