External HDMI LCD 7″

Wow I can't believe I ordered this thing and it came in soooo fast. Great quality too for such a cheap price. I've been wanting a very portable external LCD monitor that supports HDMI input (from my DSLR cameras) for a loooooong time. Prices for Ikan or Marshall LCD's typically float from $800 - $1500 dollars! When I saw this 7" HDMI LCD for around $200 dollars, I knew it was love at 'first price'. I poked around the web and surely it had great reviews with the video DSLR's, so I jumped on the deal. >>Check out the Lilliput 7" HDMI LCD Here!!<<

Updated Article: http://cheesycam.com/new-7-lilliput-2010-battery-shoe-mount/

This 7" LCD requires an external power source. It comes with a Cigarette Lighter adapter for the car and an AC adapter to plug into a wall. Luckily with all my gadgets, I had a "Black and Decker Power To Go" laying around. I plugged the LCD in using the AC Adapter, and wow this thing rocks. I saved some money big time using this rechargeable battery pack!! I think i'm going to buy more of these "Black and Decker Power To Go" battery packs.

Now I got a great deal because it came from Hong Kong. Shipping can take several weeks. I've had excellent results ordering many of my camera equipment from overseas. If you're skeptical, here is the exact seller that I purchased mine from (fast shipping too!!).

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  1. Marcus

    I just got this monitor and it looks great BUT... It claims to have image flip but I can’t find any way to get that to happen. I have a Canon xlh1 with a Redrock m2 so I'm viewing the image upside down; I bought this monitor to correct that but can’t seem to get it to do that; Can you help please?...

    Thank you for your time,

  2. Troy

    You mentioned you are using the 20watt "power to go" pack and the ac adapter. What's your run time using that set up?

  3. Just a heads up, i bought the Black & Decker CPI100B 100 Watt power supply, and am now returning it. It doesn't hold a charge, and if you read all the comments on amazon they all say the same thing.

    Now I'm back on the hunt for a power supply.

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  5. Quick question. I have seen that there are touch screen versions of this monitor. And with the 550d/T2i, it has an option to 'control over HDMI'.
    Would someone please explain what that means and if having a touchscreen monitor effects this ability?

  6. Emm

    Post author

    Get the LCDVF first. It's a fast item to help get you sharper focus even in bright daylight. Then from there, figure out if you need an LCD.

  7. I'm a newbie to DSLR video and trying to put together a kit to get me by. I'm confused in which is the better option to use - getting an external monitor or using an LCDVF. Do they both have positives / negatives or do you use both?

    Comments greatly appreciated.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    Don't worry all the cameras output in 480 while recording. So no matter what monitor you buy, you're limited by the camera. Why buy an 800 dollar monitor? Well there's probably a difference in color balance or something compared to the high end stuff, but most people use monitors just for framing and focusing. Many people are using this monitor.

  9. Alex

    Thanks for the great link, i will most likely purchase one of these! How does it work for pulling focus, are there any cool features to help you do this like the top end models? My only concern is that the t2i only outputs 480p while recording...

  10. Ana

    Hi. Thanks for all the good things that you create, friend! Can you please tell me whether this HDMI monitor is for shooting PAL AND NTSC? Thanks so much! Ana.

  11. So could this monitor be used for LiveView purposes? I'm assuming it could since LiveView Mode for still photography is very close to video mode, right? I'm obvious a total newbie on video stuff 🙂

  12. admin

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    These cameras do not output 1080 during recording. They can only output during playback. During recording though, the 7D can output in the correct 'aspect ratio', while the 5D Mark II can only output in 4:3 (weird square).

  13. Hi Em,

    How does this monitor compare on the 550D/T2i compare to the 7D, 7D outputs at 1080i? while 550D is only 480p? Hope the display is sharp enough for 550D.


  14. admin

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    Looks the same. The 7" I hear has the correct aspect ratio for the DSLR and is a bit cheaper than the 8". Also, Alibaba is normally for bulk orders, not sure how reputable sellers are from there compared to just grabbing one from Amazon or eBay.

  15. LmanAlive

    Thinking about getting one to use with T2i/550D (& HMC150), anything I should know? Deciding between the 7" and 8", any reason you got the 7"?

  16. admin

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    I believe Jag35.com sells the Lilliput monitor under a different name. They also sell a power source that is mountable, but more expensive.

  17. Thank you for the info on the lilliput monitor. Ordered it from HK, received it fast (in Japan)and already loving it. Looks like a very decent product for an great price.
    Note: You`ll need to adjust the default "brightness" and "red" settings to match the 5D Mark 2 screen.
    Tested it at home today, and can`t wait to take it out on assignments. Keep it coming Cheesycam !!!


    Ps: Any good alternatives to the Black & Decker (or Duracell 100) ext. power sources ??? You can`t find them here, and for whatever reason B&H and Amazon both say that they CANNOT ship these items to Japan....

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    3 Videos about the Hybrid » CheesyCam

  19. admin

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    I am using the 20 watt version. It doesn't require much MHA to run, but I guess the 100 watt version would just last longer. With Target you can always buy it, try it, and return it if it doesn't suit you.

  20. Dustin

    Very intrigued by the power to go thing. Do you need a 100 watt and about how long does it last powering the monitor?

    Great tip!

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