Cheap Wireless Flash Triggers

Posted this a while ago, but thought i'd share it on the blog. There are many ways to fire your Flash off camera when doing photography. You get much better lighting and shadow details when you can control your light source. The video above provides some information about a popular cheap set of Wireless Triggers you can find on eBay. These are the exact same Triggers shown in this video. I purchased the 3 receivers and 1 Trigger package.

Cheap eBay Wireless Flash Triggers
cheap wireless flash trigger

6 thoughts on “Cheap Wireless Flash Triggers

  1. del

    i wonder how you throw your camera the bangs up your lense into your flash..but nice cheap flash triger

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Sidney - They have newer versions of these like the RF602 or RF603 (not compatible with each other). They work great to fire off a flash, limitations are they don't support TTL communication or High Speed Sync.

  3. Sidney

    I am a new kid on the block and I want to do work with a good trigger thats affordable and I was wondering if you still recommend this and what are my limitations with these if I am using the t2i and doing portraits, if any?

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  5. admin

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    I've updated the link to reflect the exact same model, and seller i've purchased from.

  6. great site my good man! very informative and i've been glued to it for hours! I'm curious if you could point me in the direction of the exact triggers you purchased

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