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Wow I can't believe I ordered this thing and it came in soooo fast. Great quality too for such a cheap price. I've been wanting a very portable external LCD monitor that supports HDMI input (from my DSLR cameras) for a loooooong time. Prices for Ikan or Marshall LCD's typically float from $800 - $1500 dollars! When I saw this 7" HDMI LCD for around $200 dollars, I knew it was love at 'first price'. I poked around the web and surely it had great reviews with the video DSLR's, so I jumped on the deal. >>Check out the Lilliput 7" HDMI LCD Here!!<<

Updated Article: https://cheesycam.com/new-7-lilliput-2010-battery-shoe-mount/

This 7" LCD requires an external power source. It comes with a Cigarette Lighter adapter for the car and an AC adapter to plug into a wall. Luckily with all my gadgets, I had a "Black and Decker Power To Go" laying around. I plugged the LCD in using the AC Adapter, and wow this thing rocks. I saved some money big time using this rechargeable battery pack!! I think i'm going to buy more of these "Black and Decker Power To Go" battery packs.

Now I got a great deal because it came from Hong Kong. Shipping can take several weeks. I've had excellent results ordering many of my camera equipment from overseas. If you're skeptical, here is the exact seller that I purchased mine from (fast shipping too!!).