DSLR Rigs Curved Top Handle Shoulder Brace

More variations of DSLR Rigs are showing up. These new style DSLR Rigs not only sport the blue accents of popular RedRock Micro rigs, but you can tell they try to mimic the texture of the RedRock Micro Hand Grips (as seen here) and very close design of the RedRock Micro Body Brace (seen here).

Nice to see more Body / Chest brace type stabilizers becoming available instead of full on over the shoulder types. Configurations of these new rigs are available with either one handle or two. Check out more of the photos over at eBay (Click Here).

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9 thoughts on “DSLR Rigs Curved Top Handle Shoulder Brace

  1. Would this type of rig work well with an LCD viewfinder? In the photos on ebay, it shows people holding it, but the camera is way too far away. I'm not sure if you can adjust it and make the shoulder gun stock shorter or not.

    What would be a good rig to use with an LCD viewfinder, to give it that other point of contact with your body?

  2. To me, the whole worth of a rig is dependent upon all of those adjusting clamps. If they strip out quickly, the rig's worthless. I do like that the one featured here has a couple of short rails for attaching a follow focus (on a short lens only, though).

  3. Jonas

    @Emm - sorry about that, was using the phone and I didnt see it. Thank you again! I have the new ff and baseplate from gini - how should I upgrade to a worthy shoulder rig/brace?

    Thanks again

  4. Neil

    At the end of the day it's good to have multiple options for your rig so that you're covered for multiple shooting scenarios.

    I'd be curious to know what the build quality is like on these rigs. Gotta say, the price is pretty attractive, especially for this one from the same seller:


    $169 + $30 shipping and you get the shoulder brace rig plus follow focus and matte box. I'm guessing this is the RJ follow focus but thats still a crazy price. Might make a good "B" camera rig for dangerous situations where there's a possibility of the gear getting banged up.

  5. Marc B

    This is based on the RedRock Micro brace. It is an excellent design, and placing it like a gun stock into your shoulder provides the smoothest video with a comfortable fit. If the attaching hardware is good this will be a great addition to any handheld kit or even to thin down a bulky shoulder rig.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @maghoxfr - If you have tons of weight, a shoulder rig is more comfortable. If you're just shooting light and need to stay mobile, I prefer the shooter or chest brace style rigs.

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