Jag35 Motorized Video Camera Slider

Jag35 Slider Motorized

Jag35 has released their motorized slider to help you perform smooth and consistent movements across your tracking shots. Starting at around $299, the new slider can be purchased with or without the motor, along with optional leveling legs. Considering what you could spend to get a motorized slider kit together from other manufacturers, the price is not out of the ball park. I'd like to find out more about it's fastest and slowest speed time across the 24" or 36" track.

Product Description: The eagerly awaited Jag35 slider is here! This Afordable slider is constructed for the capability of capturing the smoothest quality images possible. It is made of solid durable aluminum, that has the capacity of withstanding up to 10 pounds of weight. The slider is also tripod mountable and can be mounted vertically for sliders with drag system capabilities. It has the available option of adding Leveling Legs for floor use and the selection of two portable lengths, 24" and 36". For more information, check out the product page. https://jag35.com/products/dslrproducts/slider.html.

Jag35 Motorized Slider
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13 thoughts on “Jag35 Motorized Video Camera Slider

  1. Conrad

    I just got my jag35 slider. I’m not that impressed with it. I got the deluxe version and the motor causes a lot of shake. It doesn't slide smoothly either and one of the bearings doesn't even touch the rail.

    I'm trying to get in touch with them for a refund. I have a $500 paper weight.

  2. Tom

    Jehu, I don't think the overall prices are bad, but it is a bit strange that you charge 150 for the legs, and 50 for the motor. I think the deluxe model without legs is very reasonably priced actually.

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  4. Jehu

    Emm your audience just don't like us, DIY guys have such unrealistic expectations on small start-ups like us these days

  5. Koldo

    At slowest speed 36" in 8min and dont support vertical setup. Its not an option to make timelapses only for video shots. What a deception!!!

  6. domi

    @ AR others may charge more...but I think either way its not good. I'd feel like I'm buying a car with no tires.

  7. SP

    Why??? CANON BATTERIES??? Why not universal Sony batteries.... thats just soooo dumb, for NON-canon dslr shooter..

  8. Tony

    C'mon...whats a slider without legs...so Jag charges $150 for add-on legs. Add the "deluxe" motor and if it's not "out the ballpark" it's mighty damn close to the fence!

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