Benro MeFoto Compact Folding Travel Tripods


Benro has available a new line of compact folding travel tripods perfect for the light weight photographer. These new colorful MeFoto Tripods fold down to just over 12" and weigh in at around 2.6 lbs, and extend to over 4' max height supporting 8.8 lbs. The ballhead offers separate head and pan locks, a 360° pan index, and an integral bubble level.

An Arca-Swiss style quick release plate is included. The tripod's legs can be spread independently, with two position leg angle stops. A spring-loaded hook is located in a recess at the bottom of the center column, allowing you to hang weights from it for additional stability. A durable carry case with a shoulder strap is provided for storage and transport. Priced at around $139, they can already be found over at B&H (Click Here).

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5 thoughts on “Benro MeFoto Compact Folding Travel Tripods

  1. Eric

    I bought a couple for use on some photography and video sessions. It does have a nice, light form factor. The ball head allows for angling the camera for portrait shooting. For video, I will probably have to replace the head. It is not smooth enough to get a good pan. On the MeFoto blogs one of the profiled shooters mentions he has replaced the ball head with a fluid-head and gets great results. We use T3is and 6Ds with grips and it is stable. Nice build.

    For us the real benefit is the small size and light weight. It makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go. Ultra portable.

  2. I have a carbon transfunctional traveller tripod fromm Benro and have to say I am really happy with these legs. Yet I'm in the market for a new head as the included ballhead is not that fine after a knob that is lost somewhere in Africa...

  3. I need travel angels, which i use primarily with a dynamic perception stage zero... Shud I stick witht he travel angels or do you think these would support the weigth of the stage zero and orion head on it? any help would be great! thanks

  4. I fondled one of these in a local shop the other day. They're built solid like all of the Travel Angel style tripods and the head looks to be very high quality...but they're tiny! I'm not sure how much weight the column and head could hold steadily. Perfect for a point and shoot or compact camera like a Nex with a small lens though!

    I'm a proud owner of one of the original (and larger) Travel angel tripods. Once you've brought a tripod on a plane as carry on because it's actually shorter than your camera backpack, you'll never go back!

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