DIY – iPhone Cinema Kit


Rick Q. over at shared with us his DIY Plug Wire Clamp Shooter earlier in the month, and now showcases his latest work for his new iPhone 4. Great idea for steady video and photos. If you really need a handle to go with your iPhone, I don't think there's anything out there as classy at this DIY budget. These Plug Clamps are sure showing lots of use in the DIY DSLR community thanks to the original designs sent in by Johan. Another popular DIY Plug Wire Clamp DSLR rig was sent in by Derek using Carbon rods. You can find that one here.

Update: Shortly after, Herb shows off his DIY iPhone cinema handle. With tilt action and beefy foam grip. Herb has also dropped hints of a more streamlined version coming soon. Enjoy the madness fun around these iPhone handles.

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