DIY Steadicam Gizmo (Merlin Design)


One of the most passionate DIY'ers tackling the Steadicam Merlin design and Gimbal handle with full rotation that I know about is WSCLATER. If you check out his website over at, you'll find years of logs refining a single Steadicam project. Yeah I think I would have given up by then. There's seems to be a very similar version showing up on eBay called the 'Steadicam Gizmo'. Personally there's some things I would clean up to finish up the little detail work, but looks really close to what WSCLATER has been working on. Four items sold just today for this Steadicam Gizmo, and parts can be purchased seperately. If you're not the DIY type, you might to check out the handle which uses the same design as wsclater, which might be a good improvement for that IndieHardware stabilizer as an upgrade. Check out the Steadicam Gizmo DIY stabilizer found on eBay auctions.

13 thoughts on “DIY Steadicam Gizmo (Merlin Design)

  1. I ended up selling this item for about 50 bucks. It's just not ideal for dslr users. It wasn't even worth trying to do a video review. The thing is too heavy and the camera adjustment positions are very limited. I ended up purchasing the flycam nano which is a much better buy, for stabilizing me 7D.

  2. Jay

    Guys anyone has a review video or just test videos? I was thinking to get this stabilizer, but can't find any information about it.
    Thank you in advance.

  3. Steven

    Just got my gizmo in the mail today. Build seems great. As, I cannot balance my 7D. Heading out to the hardware store for more weights. I'll be posting the test as soon as I can.

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  5. Tracy

    I would love to see actual videos made using the steadicam gizmo. It looks similar to the merlin, but the true test is whether is performs like the merlin. If anyone has youtube or vimeo video links of using the steadicam gizmo, can they post them here for everyone to view?

    Bulent, if you would be interested in sending a gizmo to me, I will create a test video for you and submit a review.

  6. Hi fellas,
    I make this design, I receive a message about this article and thanks for that,
    As you can see this design very similar WsClaters design, you can see that guys design works perfectly, My design too, but you can see in my description ( ebay ) I say "Balance takes time" This is not easy, because in markets many of cameras type, And all cameras center of gravity and weights different, and DSLR type cameras can use different type and weights lenses,
    I test this some DSLR's, ( I don't have all ) Some my frinds gave me their cameras for this tests,

    This design capable for carrying 1,5 kgs cameras, But you must attach more weights for this and weights can find all hardware stores, This is simple "ball bearings" you can see, and very cheap items ( aprx. 1.5 $ )

    I would like help for my old customers, Sergio please contact me, I am online everyday,
    Bulent from Turkey,

  7. Emm

    Post author

    It looks like it functions, but who knows? I have to have one on my hands to really test out.

  8. Linkingverbs

    Would u happen to know if this is usable with. The 7D? Looking for a decent stabilizer without paying to much.

  9. Sergio

    I received this device from eBay last week, but can`t set it up with my Canon 550D!
    I`m really sad, but maybe You or anyone else can help me, please, I would be very impressed!)

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