DIY DSLR Shoulder Shooter

Thanks to a tip from a reader, here's an interesting combination of readily available camera equipment that makes for a fancy DSLR shoulder braced shooter. Grab yourself the T-Pod Tactical Tripod + the Monfrotto Shoudler Brace for Monopods and you have yourself a pretty steady highly configurable Shoulder Shooter. It's not a $20 dollar rig, and sure it might run you about $60-$80 dollars, but the most basic Shoulder Shooters from band names will run you over $400+. This is a great simple solution, that doesn't look like a homemade solution. Both are available on Amazon links below.

Mocked up Together:

One thought on “DIY DSLR Shoulder Shooter

  1. ANDRE

    This seems like the type of solution I'm looking for. Just in my price range. When I purchase these two items, how do I put them together will it be simple? I'm not a DIY kinda guy.LOL.

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