LCDVF Canon 550D / T2i YES!!!

Update: You can now buy the LCDVF 3/2 from
Grab yourself the LCDVF 3/2 from

Here it is folks, just got a message from the man himself. The LCDVF for the Canon EOS 550D / T2i is real and it's almost ready. Check out the video of the installation process and fit. Very very nicely designed. No rumors here, will have 100 of them very soon. Make sure to Twitter, Digg, or Facebook this article to spread the word using the links below.


10 thoughts on “LCDVF Canon 550D / T2i YES!!!

  1. Martin Calvi

    Does anybody know how strong the magnets are?
    How easily would the loupe slide out or come out with my eye on it while recording?

  2. Sandewwwrrr

    How about the price of these babies? How much cheaper are they, than the 7D ones?

  3. steve

    Not sure about the hoodman fitting the t2i. I just bought a t2i so I'm going to call hoodman and find out.

  4. I am very happy with mine, it's incredible easier to get focus. I feel a little dizzy sometimes, but it's just me. is extremely fast and supportive. I got my LCDVF in less than 5 days, and I'm in BRAZIL!

  5. rentamuse

    And then it's gonna fog anyway...any solutions other than having to pay a ton for a new anti fog Zacuto?

  6. admin

    Post author

    I haven't heard if it's a direct fit for the T2i. Do you know if it's a direct fit and mounting solutions for it?

  7. Just now that I've got one for the 7D to use in my 550D? LOL
    Anyways, the actual LCDVF works like a charm. Do you know if will be possible to use this frame with the old LCDVF?

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