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Ready for your next camera movement? How about strapping your camera to the hood of your car and taking a drive. There's a ton of DIY's for mounting a camera to a car and the 'safest ones' all stem from these popular suction cups. In fact you'll find plenty of the same mounts being sold as 'Camera Car Mounts' for several times the price of making your own. These suction handles are designed to carry heavy glass windows and doors with the smallest Double Head suction capacity rated at 125 lbs. The quad suction head rates at a 330 lbs capacity. Whether you trust those ratings or not, I can guarantee it will be more than sufficient to carry a sub 5 pound DSLR. There's plenty of creative ways to mount up your camera but the most simplest is to drill a hole straight through the Quad Head's handle and place a small Tripod Ball Head. The hollow handle can act as a pass through for a tie down strap if you're looking for an extra bit of stability too.

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  2. Serge

    I knownthis is an older post but reading most if these questions and responses I must say that the author does not to get the ones that are straight he recommend the one with that metal tab that allowsnthe joints to move a bit to be place on curved surfaces.

  3. I purchased the 2-headed suction cup from Harbor Freight. Tried to place it on a few locations on my Firebird and for the prime locations for video, and it would not work. The body on this car has some spots that have a good bit of curvature, and the suction cups weren't flexible enough to mount to the body. If the cups weren't as large, it might have been better. I returned to HF the next day and got the refund.

    If you have a car with mostly flat design on the body panels, it will work well.

  4. Whilst these cheap chinese lifters are probably OK for lighter cameras and strobes, I wouldn't trust them for a decent camera, they tend to be made of brittle plastic, the rubber pads are too stiff and the pins that hold the cam levers are weak.
    I used to be a glazier and used these type of glass lifters often. If you want to get one you can trust buy the german made Veribor brand. But then they cost about the same as a manfrotto suction cup mount.

  5. I've been using these things for few years now on car exteriors. They hold pretty firmly. If the surface is clean and straight, it will not come loose.

    HF stores cary these, so you should be able to pick them up locally. They also have aluminum ones which cost a bit more but the plastic is more than enough. Super sturdy.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Jordan - I believe it's all in plastic. Like any suction mount, I strap on something else first of similar weight and take a long hard test drive. If it holds up, then mount your camera.

  7. Jordan Hamelin

    Is the suction cup in plastic or in metal?? I would put it on race car (drifting) and im wondering if it would resist an impact? Exemple... the right corner panel hit a wall and the camera is on the left side... would it absorb the impact?

  8. Izhar Ashdot

    Could you please describe (with pics please) how you connected the tripod head or direct camera to the suction cups?



  9. I'm wondering about the claims made by Fat Gecko, saying that they won't fall off even on a plane going several hundreds of miles an hour. I mean, really? I got an ebay knockoff and put my DSLR on it, and that sucker was rattling like a rattlesnake at just 20 mph! Forget putting it on the side of a G6.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Destin - Yes, it should work so long as it's smooth. Cars are painted and these work perfectly for it.

  11. Would these mount on a flat, painted metal surface that is smooth? I'm looking for a way to mount flash units on a flat wall for high school basketball, and there is a flat metal plate located in the perfect position...

  12. I used to have a mount i made out of the double headed suction cup. It worked great for everything I threw at it holding a DVX100b.

    Im sure it would work fine for my t2i if only it hadn't been stolen. Maybe its time to make a new one with the quad mount.

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