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DIY Car mount from www.enriquerodben.com

find-price-button Double and Quad Head Suction Cup Mounts on eBay

Ready for your next camera movement? How about strapping your camera to the hood of your car and taking a drive. There's a ton of DIY's for mounting a camera to a car and the 'safest ones' all stem from these popular suction cups. In fact you'll find plenty of the same mounts being sold as 'Camera Car Mounts' for several times the price of making your own. These suction handles are designed to carry heavy glass windows and doors with the smallest Double Head suction capacity rated at 125 lbs. The quad suction head rates at a 330 lbs capacity. Whether you trust those ratings or not, I can guarantee it will be more than sufficient to carry a sub 5 pound DSLR. There's plenty of creative ways to mount up your camera but the most simplest is to drill a hole straight through the Quad Head's handle and place a small Tripod Ball Head. The hollow handle can act as a pass through for a tie down strap if you're looking for an extra bit of stability too.

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