The Tiffen Smoothee Lives?


Some bit of news going out to all the iPhone Fanboys (and FanGirls). It's been a long long time since the annoucement of the Tiffen Smoothee. The 'Smoothee' is a Steadicam Merlin like device originally designed as a stabilizer for the iPhone, but it doesn't look too difficult to port something like that to support other cameras as well. The handle on the Smoothee looks like the exact same design from the Steadicam Merlin, which is very effective in stabilizing movement from walking or running. I originally posted about this stabilizer way back in May. Looks like Tiffen just missed the boat on the iPhone 4 launch, but better late than never.


They just opened up a form you can submit if you want to register for some spam as someone interested in the Tiffen Smoothee, that should be released in limited quantities around December. If you decide to drop your name down on the form, do me a favor and leave this website address in the comments, i'm hoping they'll send me something for a test drive LOL!. Here's the link:

More information about the Tiffen Smoothee Video Stabilizer for the iPhone can be found here:

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