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Rokinon 14mm Fisheye lens for Canon and Nikon

As of late, i've been pointed several times to the Rokinon 14mm Fisheye lens as a great cheap alternative for those looking to get super duper wide. It's old news in the Photography space, but with video on the DSLR's this bad boy is gaining a bit of steam. You can find positive feedback on many of the photography forums about how sharp of an image it can provide, especially for the money. Of course, by not having auto focus features in it's design definitely makes it easier to manufacture a sharper lens at a cheaper price.

Rokinon is not a lens manufacturer, but a brand of lens. So you'll find the same lens under popular names like Samyang. Don't go looking for Samyang though, that name alone adds a small hike to the price. The same lens found under Rokinon will yield cheaper results. If you're looking for the Canon 14mm Super Wide Angle F/2.8 you've better come with over 2K of change in the pocket. Going with an off brand manual focus lens will get you down cheaper, including the Bower 14mm f/2.8 Ultra Wide Angle Manual Focus, but that's still over priced compared to the Rokinon. If you're doing any type of Photography, a Fisheye lens in the tool bag is a great addition. You'll get a super wide image captured and there are plenty of 'fisheye' correcting software that can stitch images into normal view or 360 degree image panoramics for Real Estate Virtual tours. If you're not using Photoshop, there's free ones available i've used like 'RectFish'. For correcting distortion in video, that's a different story.

Correcting image distortion with RectFish

The 'Fisheye Look' is mostly popular with extreme sports for the ability to get everything in frame and with it's super wide view can mask unsteady movements. If you don't mind the fisheye distortion, it will make Steadicam type shots look butter smooth. Will it work on a full frame without vignette? Don't hold me to it, but my initial research says yes. Of course you will find much more 'fisheye' distortion with a Full Frame camera than would be on a Canon T2i, 7D, or 60D. For Nikon or Pentax users, you're in luck because it runs even cheaper for some reasons. No adapters needed like the Peleng fisheye lenses, these Rokinon's are built to mount. Better yet, the Rokinon 14mm also gets you to an F/2.8 serving pretty well in low light situations. If you've got more news, videos, or comments on the Rokinon, drop a comment.

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  1. Indulis

    Bower resell the same ROkinon/Samyang lenses and are even less expensive ($50 less on the 8mm F2.8). I have one on order and winging its way to me right now! Enjoy!

  2. I have a 5DII and have used the Canon 16-35mm for years, and really wanted Canon's 14mm f/2 and could never justify the expense. The Rokinon 14mm is only 2mm wider, but it DOES make quite a difference. I have Canon's 15mm fisheye, but to me, that's pretty much a special effects lens. This Rokinon is rectilinear and doesn't give that distracting distortion. I love this lens.

    I have a boom shot coming up where I'm picturing the shot from higher than I can manage physically. Putting the 5DII with the 14mm twelve feet in the air is going to do it!

  3. I got the Rokinon 8mm for my T2i and I absolutely love this lens. I mostly shoot music video and music related pieces and I love the distortion it gives when the talent is just the right amount of space away from the lens. The best part about it is it's only $263. It is a f/3.5, but still, you can't beat it. Here's an example using it, a Canon 50mm f/1.8, and the kit lens:

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Joe - Yeah, that should work fine and should be a sharp enough lens for you. I think depending on the brand, you'll get a different exterior so depends on what you want. I think they are all the same from Rokinon, Bower, Vivitar, and Samyang. Rokinon being the cheapest of them all via eBay: Rokinon 14mm Lenses eBay

  5. Joe

    Thanks, Emm for the information. Just found out my budget cannot go over $400. You talked about the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8. Could this lens work for me. All manual focus on this lens...not a problem. A bunch of different stores selling it on Amazon. Recommend any store for me. Thanks.

  6. Joe

    I need some help. Looking for a wide angle for my canon 60D. Trying to keep my budget under $500.00. I'm in-between two lens right now: Tamron SP AF 10-24mm f / 3.5-4.5 or Bower 14mm f/2.8 Ultra Wide Angle.
    Any feedback will help.


  7. Just for the record, the 14mm you write about isn't a fisheye. This lens is rectilinear. Also, it wouldn't be very interesting for those of you using APS-c sensor cameras (most of the consumer dSLR's.) But it performs very well on full frame (35mm film size) sensors.

  8. I purchased the Rokinon 14mm and was kind of disappointed. It's a sharp lens, but it seemed too wide to be used as a cinematic wide angle and not wide enough to be a stylish effect. Maybe I should have gone for the tokina 11-16 or the samyang 8mm.

  9. Samyang and all it’s rebranded offshoots

    Rob: I can't find much info in terms of reviews of samyang. Is there stuff quality? The prices seem to good to be true.

  10. Rob Jacobs

    While it's a super wide angle, it's not a fisheye. Reviews I've read say it does have quite a bit of distortion, though. Other than that, it's supposed to be really sharp. Samyang (and I suspect also marketed by Rokinon) also makes an 8mm fisheye that's pretty well reviewed.

    For dslr shooters, Samyang and all it's rebranded offshoots offer some really nice alternative glass--8mm, 14mm, 35mm and an 85mmf/1.4. You could have the whole set for around $1,500.

  11. Well, yeah. For that Money I'd also get the 11-16mm Tokina (which works as a 16mm on Full Frames and as the 11-16mm Zoom on cropped Cams like the t2i/D60/7D) It's also f 2.8 and has a really nice Image.

  12. Greg

    Have you done any example videos with this lens? I'd be curious how distorted it looks on a crop sensor camera.

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