DIY Cutting Board Camera Slider

We all DIY with what's available, convenient, and affordable. One of those materials is found in the household section in your local grocery mart. I tell ya, IKEA must be making a killing on cutting board sales. First seen on a DIY DSLR Rig, and then played a small part on a Slider, and now here's another DIY camera slider from Vimeo member TaQ Inoue.

I'm not sure it's an actual IKEA cutting board, but you can get the same hefty material there in large sizes. It's cheap, easy to cut, carve, drill, and shape. Not very clear on the details or specs here, but it's a good excuse to creatively shoot the project from beginning to end. Overall costs stated at $30 dollars. It also seems to be working out fairly well in his example video 'Littlest Mountains 2 Trailer'.

5 thoughts on “DIY Cutting Board Camera Slider

  1. Joan-Carles

    Great idea. I think is not an IKEA board, but porexpan (very light and easy to cut although is not very resistent).

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex Campagna - Good call. His video title said Cutting Board, so that's where I got the information from.

  3. Alex Campagna

    You can also buy strips of UHMW (a no-friction white plastic material) in any good hardware store. I think this is what he used in his DIY project.

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