Panasonic 20mm F/1.7 – In Stock

If you've got a Panasonic GH2, or other Micro Four Thirds camera, you'll know what this lens is. It's been tough to track down lately when they went out of stock because it's just that awesome for a MFT camera. Luckily I grabbed mine months ago, and it's been on the GH2 as the primary lens. My GF2 also came with the 14mm Pancake, which is another popular and highly recommended lens for these MFT cameras. More than likely this new shipment of the 20mm won't last very long, so if you've been waiting patiently here's a chance.

Lumix 20mm F/1.7
find-price-button Panasonic Lumix 20mm F/1.7

3 thoughts on “Panasonic 20mm F/1.7 – In Stock

  1. I wish there were some true FD pancake lenses. I shoot FD only but I looove the look of a pancake lens! Especially on a mirrors body, so much power in a small package. I think the Canon 40mm looks nice too..

  2. Emm

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    @Ian Eklund - Natively with any lens the GH2 is already 2x crop. You'll be adding on more with a slight adapter. Yes many people use old lenses on a Canon T2i. Here's a sample with Canon T2i + Nikon Lens httpss://

  3. So on a 4/3rds camera what will the real size be, in mm?
    And secondly, is it even worth looking into the fact of using these lenses on a Canon T2i?

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