Cheap Slider – Was it worth it?

Ok, so the cheap slider I posted sold out in less than a day. Many jumped on the deal (including myself), and many waited to see if it was even worth the price. It's probably the cheapest roller bearing slider i've seen, but here's a few more teaser images to see if we've made the right decision. Personally, I think it was a killer deal. Will it be available again? Who knows....

Is this adjustable Friction?

Optional Light Stand Mount

The 'Feet' can be combined to do Vertical Slides, or just use a Tripod to mount for Vertical Sliding

They do list it on their company website, but they're completely out of stock and not for the same price. As soon as I find it's been listed back on eBay, you'll find it right here. I sugggest you subscribe to my RSS and get notified as soon as I post something, or just keep checking back. Don't worry peeps, i'm on the ball, but these new pictures look good and show a bit more quality in the build than what the auction was showing. I think it was all worth it...

22 thoughts on “Cheap Slider – Was it worth it?

  1. Emm,
    Just wondering if you will elaborate of the build quality and the actual sliding function. Would love to see some test footage to know if it really IS worth it, or if doing the Igus is the best route.


  2. Harlan

    One more thing and excuse my ignorance, but what is that ball mount that they show? How are you guys going to mount your camera to this slider to get the flexibility they show here? I ordered one today.

  3. beeber

    just shipped ....

    yikes, we are looking at next week. O_o

    50KG Tele lens Camera Camcord slider dolly track 5d2 7d (
    Paid on Jan-09-11
    Shipped on Jan-13-11

  4. spaceflows

    @ AC. I paid $62 shipping for the 1m model. Seems pretty steep, but considering the final price of the slider and depending on how quickly it arrives and the build quality, it should turn out to be a pretty good deal.

  5. AC

    Spoke with Frank at Konova Camera. He is anticipating a new batch in 1-2 weeks. Price is now $310. $40 difference from the $270 that he originally counter offered me.
    How much did you guys pay for shipping?

  6. John

    I was just thinking today when looking at IndisliderMini photos online... Do you think one could drill a 3/8" hole at the end of the IndisliderMini and mount that vertically on a tripod to do 90-degree vertical shots like this one since mini is smaller and lighter?

  7. jared smith

    I was one of the few who got one... I will sell it for one million dollars, which is probably necessary cause knowing my luck its going to come in and be a huge piece of junk...

  8. Aberz

    I hope we can figure out a DYI dolly on one side of the head so we can hook up a wire to control the vertical motion

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @eric - No email to me, but I was the early early one. I ordered 'before' I posted, cause I know how these things move after posting on this blog.

  10. eric

    @emm did they ship your slider already because they sent me an email saying that they run out of them and they will ship mine probably next week, i think they sold more than they had.

  11. the plot thickens...

    I imagine it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to DIY a pulley and counterbalance in vertical mode either, with all those tap points, a la cinevate atlas 10 slider.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @SkunkWorks - I'm not sure this thing will be rock solid on it's own stand, but mounted on a heavy duty tripod it should be pretty decent. I think you would need three points of contact around the slider.

  13. john d

    Im kidding myself for being such a cheapskate for doing the 'offer' instead of just buying it at the price!

    UGHHH, thats what i get for being too cheap....

    crossing my fingers it is back at the same price.

  14. SkunkWorks

    Emm, how stable is this with it mounted on its end on the tripod like in your picture? The reason I ask is I could make a plate to mount my Igus slider like that since the rail is already drilled and tapped at either end. Right now a have a small Slik mini tripod mounted on either end which works for verticals because I can I can push the top one (when vertical) against a door or wall (I can pivot, twist and tilt them in any ditection) and they even have a suction cup on the little center post. Just wondering which method would be better or easier to set up or haul around... stability (no movement) of the rail is my biggest concern.

  15. spaceflows

    The combined feet/vertical slide option is, quite frankly, sick! Wow, I hope this turns out to be everything (or at least, mostly) what we're all hoping for. I picked up the 1m model for and extra 30 clams, which was a nice deal considering the best offer price the seller agreed upon. Thanks again, Emm!

  16. Greg

    Thats pretty awesome. I'm in the process of building a slider out of igus rail and a MX2 controller to do stop start stop timelapses.

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