NorCal (mini) DSLR Meetup January 14th, 2011


Very last minute planning or lack of for a scheduled mini-DSLR Meetup in San Francisco this Friday. Rod Guajardo of is in town working on a Music Video shoot and decided to connect with a few people in the Bay Area while he's in town. Along with Michelle of, they've mapped out the meeting spot to be the Irish Bank located at 10 Mark Lane #415.788.7152

Using the word mini-DSLR meetup, it should just be a casual meet and greet, food and drink, with no real techincal road map on actual shooting. But hey, If everyone is up for some shooting afterwards, San Francisco is one of the hottest photo spots in the world - Should be interesting. If you want to know more they are also available via Twitter, and I suggest you follow them both.
Michelle can be followed @moshbrown
Rod can be followed @Rod_Guajardo

5 thoughts on “NorCal (mini) DSLR Meetup January 14th, 2011

  1. I'd love to go (I even worked at The Irish Bank many, many years ago) but I am shooting that night. Don't suppose anymore are scheduled?

  2. No worries James! I'm sure we will have lot's of pics for you to look through when you get back. Have a great weekend in Tahoe!

  3. Thanks for posting this Emm! Yep, this is very last minute and will be a very casual get together, talking about camera's, gear, etc. over a few drinks. Anyone and everyone is invited to join us! For questions, just shoot me an email, rod(@) Emm, hopefully you will be able to join us to show off your latest toys!

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