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  1. Just got mine today. This thing took forver to ship, been like a month. Not terrible impressed by it. Personally, I think my 126 LED is a better on cammera option, especially with the flexible mount. I'll probably keep this one in my kit as a backup, or to use for fill/key situations (esp at night) Contstruction isn't terrible, but the fact that it always turns on to it's lowest setting, and that the diffuser is permanently on it, definitely limit this lights usefulness. I bought a few lithiums for this though, so maybe the rechargeability might make it more of a staple in my rig.

  2. attentiondotnet

    I've been testing mine, I like the quality of the light, but I do see the flicker at 1/48 shutter speed with my hv20 at anything but the highest power. Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to set the default power, you have to turn it back up every time you turn the light on. It takes 6 AA batteries but it seems to work at full power with only 3.

  3. I just got it in the mail today after waiting for almost a month. I would say that the hotshoe adapter is flimsy. I superglued it to the base so it won't fall off like the other commenter suggested. It's also a little bit heavier than the Z96. Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase. Thanks!

  4. J Toha

    I'm very keen to find out your input too, Emm, on this 135 LED.

    If what the rest of the guys said, that the flickering is a problem at dimmer setting, then this might be a major consideration. I like the option of being able to adjust light intensity depending on the shooting situation, without any huge compromise.

  5. RSilver

    Thank you for the quick reply! I'm sorry, which light are you referring to as "it"? The z96 or the Yongnuo? (Me not being a native english speaker is probably what's confusing me here..) =)

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Richard - Soon as I make a decision. It isn't cheap, but i'm really leaning on it right now. We'll see if I pull the trigger in a few days.

  7. RSilver

    I was hovering above the "buy" button, ready to click, on the z96, but then this light made an appearance! I have a feeling that it might turn out that the z96 is the way to go but I would very much appreciate your input on this!
    Any idea on when you'll get round to giving it a quick test?

  8. I finally got mine today and the unit looks awesome but like Viktor comment before the double hotshoe adopter is a pain in the a$$ but I figure a easy solution for it check this link https://s1090.photobucket.com/albums/i368/houstontopimage/ you can see what I did and it seams to do the trick.
    The flickering thing on mine is very bad in all lower settings and it seams to go away if a crank the volume all the way up.
    over all the light is worth the money thanks Emm!

  9. Viktor

    I got mine a week ago. Lightwight and it seems to perform quite well with my 7D. I get a bit of flickering at some shutterspeeds but that goes away if I crank the light up to its brightest or change shutterspeeds.
    I run mine on Li Non-Canon batteries, and its very convenient to charge over USB.
    The hotshoe connector is not as good as I would have wished. I had to tighten mine with pliers to get it tight so the light wouldn´t fall off. I dropped mine in the floor 3 times and it still works and it doesn´t have a scratch on it. Its the part that goes to secure the adaper to the light that comes loose, not on the camera. I might superglue this since I won´t be useing them in arrays anyway.


  10. J Toha

    So it took abt 2 weeks to arrive. Assuming it's free shipping, can't be helped.

    Looking forward to ur verdict once u've had enough time to play with it, Emm 😀

  11. Davo

    I am so badly hooked on cheesy cam. Its the first thing I hunt for in my morning reader scan, god only knows how much stuff I have ordered off ebay on the back of this blog.

    And very happy for it too!

    Cheers cheesy!

    Oh and for any vendors out there (incl yongnuo, zoom, red rock, zacuto and canon) sending early release samples to cheesy for review just might be the smartest thing you every did...

  12. I am waiting for mine to arrive soon. I saw a review on youtube but it is in another language and is not very helpful. I hope you can do one covering quality and performance.


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