Canon 60D Shipping – Actually Shipped!


Damn, i've been catching Twitter pics and news clips about the Canon 60D in stock and shipping all day today. It's still a very rare find, but I managed to check out a few of my 'secret fishing holes' and it should drop in on Tuesday. Yeah, I tried to get it in earlier, but Jewish holiday they say.

Check out an early review @ who shows off some of the in-camera filters. I think the 'Toy Camera' filter looked pretty good, and would be tons of fun in a Timelapse project. Curious if they stuck with the same Intervalometer as the T2i.

So i'm excited to see how this thing sizes up against it's 'older' siblings. I have another big event out of state that i'll be dragging this thing to, so I stocked up on the 32GB Transcend SDHC Class 10 Cards which is a deal right now.

Sandisk-8GB-MicroSDI also noticed that the Zoom H1 and Tascam DR-08 only come with 2GB microSD cards. At the highest bitrate, i'm getting short of one hour total record time. If this this is going to be useful in a Catholic ceremony it's gotta run at least half a day! I managed to find some Sandisk 8GB microSD Cards for fairly cheap. With 8GB at the highest 96/24 I should be able to get close to 4 hours of total record time.

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  2. Joshua

    This is kinda strange, no sooner do I post about uniquesquared h1 shipment being delayed, they just emailed me telling me they shipped mine. They must be watching this site closely.

  3. Joshua

    Sad face!

    Just got an email from Uniquesquared about my H1

    Due to reasons beyond Unique Squared's control Samson/Zoom has pushed back the release date for the ZOOM H1 until August 20th. Unique Squared will be shipping units to you as soon as they arrive to our facility. Thank you for your patience and thank you for choosing Unique Squared! Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact [email protected]

  4. Joshua

    I called, they said "just got them in". Called back a bit later to adjust billing info, and they said it was gonna be processed today.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    Unusual about buydig. Every camera shows in stock, even the ones not released yet. Did you call them or just ordered online?

  6. Emm

    Post author

    Depending on what you are recording, you get more range at 96. Highs and Lows, and I believe sounds more full. It's always best to compress down than to try and boost later. I think I do it to be safe.

  7. Fabdex

    Honestly, recording at 24/96 is overkill: I think 48k is more than enough with the usual microphones we use on our shoots, especially if they're wireless. 96k would make a big difference with ultra high quality mics, but unless you're shooting for motion pictures and do final a sound mix in a state of the art studio, the extra space those file take on memory cards, the extra processing during editing and the downconversion at the end of the process really are not worth all the hassle.

  8. hey emm...when you get the still going to use offset shoulder rig?...or somehow put a viewfinder on the articulating screen?

    thinking of getting the 60d as well.

  9. Hey man, this comment doesn't have anything to do with this entry but... first, thanks much for your awesome blog!

    Secondly - this offset shoulder rig with rails-

    How did you build it? Do you have a parts list? What all do I need to build it from Home Depot?

    Can a similar rig be built that can hold a Zoom H2 or H4, plus an LCD monitor?

    Let me know, thanks again!!!

  10. Emm

    Post author

    While it's not recording or playing try clicking the forward button (two arrows). You should see the numbers changing for quality. Most people will record voices at 48 but for very detailed sounds, try 96.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    Yeah there's a higher setting if you want the best quality. Instead of 44/16 there is a 96/24. That will reduce your time by quite a bit.

  12. Do you only get an hour with your Tascam? Cuz with my H1 I have it set to wav for the bitrate at 44kHz/16bit and I'm getting 3 hours & 10 minutes. Just wondering cuz I'm about to use it tomorrow for something so I don't want to be wrong.

  13. Juan

    I've been shooting with same brand 32Gb class 6 with no problem at all. mostly RAW's in my T2i, now I placed an order to buy the Class 10 32GB card.

    Where is your event ? I'm in Oregon.

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