ST-E2 transmitter – Yongnuo?? WTH???


Ok, I don't know how I missed this, but it's here. There was talk that about this mytholigical unit said to harness the power to control savage Speedlites. For Canon they call it the ST-E2, for Yongnuo they call it....well...the ST-E2. Yeah go figure. Do a search on ST-E2 on this blog and you'll find it's something I use all the time. The fact that this new Yongnuo ST-E2 Speedlite Trigger unit is only half the price and said to provide the same (if not better) performance is very very cool. There was a review I read online somewhere about these units and it was pretty mind blowing. If I find it again, i'll update this post.


If you're looking to firing your Canon flashes off camera, maintain communications, and support High Speed Sync this is what strobists all over Flickr are or will be talking about. If you ever plan on going Radio Popper PX wireless, this would be the base for it. One of the best features is simply just the AA batteries for power source. The Canon ST-E2 uses some specialty battery I can only find in the Adult Video and Toy store around my area. Just kidding, I just frequent there so it's a convenient stop on the way home. Just kidding again!!! (Am I?).Ok, maybe some of the readers don't really care what i'm talking about, but for geeks like me this is a huge deal for a fine piece of infrared, TTL transmitting, group power ratio managing, high speed sync gear. Whew...I need a smoke..just kidding I don't smoke. But if I did smoke, I think I would need one...

P.S. Does it work with Yongnuo Flashes? Me no think so, but i'm trying to figure that out for sure. My guess is Yongnuo has a new flash in the Pipeline that's going to be made for this, which should also mix and match and hopefully play nicely with other Canon Speedlites. That's going to be some serious..serious competition for Canon Gear. Here's the link: Yongnuo ST-E2 Infrared Trigger for Canon Speedlites

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  1. David OShea

    From what I know, the only advantage the Canon model has over the Yougnuo is with the focus assist IR. I use the Canon one on the 5DMkII for low light situations.

  2. Craig

    This is a copy of the Canon ST-E2. Where the Canon ST-E2 will work, the Yongnuo ST-E2 will work according to the spec sheet.

    I use it on a 500D but friends have used my unit on a 7D and 60D, so from personal experience it seems the claim is true.

    As it is designed to replace the Canon component it works with Canon flash units only.

    I use this over radio slaves for two reasons: the TTL light metering which most radio systems don't do, and price. In Australia the Yongnuo unit is less than a quarter of the price of the Canon unit!

  3. Hey, did you have a problem with the light which assists autofocus? in my st-e2 after one night of use, it became very weak(batteries are ok, fully charged ). i almost can`t see it and because of that, i can`t normally focus in the lowlight situations. am i the only one who got that problem? Hope to get an answer. Thanks

  4. RC

    This question might have already been answered somewhere else but,is the Yongnuo ST-E2 Infrared Trigger compatible with the 5D mk2?

  5. Peter

    Let's make it this way! Radio Popper PX is a replacement of the communication between your master flash (or ST-E2) to the slave flashes. It converts the Infrared signal to radio frequency from the transmitter (master flash or ST-E2)...transmit it through the air to its receiver with virtually no line-of-sight issues that infrared does. It's more like a conversion device. Therefore, you still need a master trigger to work with the RP PX.

    Why RadioPopper then?
    When using IR to trigger flashes remotely, you may encounter failure due to the line-of-sight issue, range issue(too far away about 15-20m at most) as well as the interference with bright daylight. You may need the Radio Popper to "switch" from IR to radio frequency. If these are not the problem, your master flash and ST-E2 works just fine.

    You can imagine a ST-E2 as a master trigger without the flash function. It transmit most of the TTL (Thru-The-Lens) functions from the master to the slave flashes. (e.g. HSS, Group control, AF Assist...etc.)

    Note: Not many wireless remote TTL flash systems can accommodate Rear Curtain Sync...even 580EXII Master to 580EXII Slave can't!
    Canon STE2 vs. 580EX Master
    I believe only Pocket Wizard's MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 can rear curtain syn. (correct me if I'm wrong)

  6. so does that mean if i use this with radiopopper PX receiver i dont need the radiopopper transmitter! right?(149$ = saving 100$)

    Besides the aspect of beeing cheaper against a full radiopopper PX receiver + radiopopper transmitter (249+249=498$)is there another bonus over radiopoppers?

    and if i am fine with infrared, i dont need the radiopopper receiver either. just spending 149 for a wirless TTL connection.

    just trying to get this straight in my head...

  7. Emm

    Post author

    The PX takes the infrared signal and converts it into wireless, no line of sight limitations, then once it hits the PX receiver it will convert it back to infrared. The camera maintains communication with the flash in a native format. The nice thing, unlike a pocket wizard is that you only need to use a PX receiver on the flash that has line if sight issues. Other flashes still work since you are using the ST-E2.

  8. J. Zonstani

    Why would this serve as the "base" for a Radio Popper PX wireless system. Why wouldn't you just use the popper's own system?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    Pocket Wizard and Radio Popper work on wireless transmission. The ST-E2 uses infrared. The ST-E2 can control several flashes at once, and you can even seperate them into groups and adjust power settings. The ST-E2 can support high speed sync. There's several advantages that these have over the Pocket Wizards, but because it uses infrared there are also limitations to line of sight. If you choose to use Pocket wizards, you'll need one transmitter and a receiver for every flash you have, which adds up. If you decide on Radio Popper PX's, you cant use them without a flash trigger. You'll need an ST-E2 (or another canon 580 EX II flash) as a master trigger just for the Radio Popper PX to work.

  10. alex

    hey, i dont quite get what this device does... is it the same than a pocket wizard or radiopopper? and it also supports TTL (what the cheaper yungeno version doesn't)?

  11. From what I understand, it functions the same as the ST-e2. It has a brighter IR transmitter, and rotates on the hotshoe joint to point where you want. Also, as you said it uses AA batteries instead of the stupid ones canon uses. It isn't compatible with any of yongnuo's current flashes, but yongnuo may be releasing canon IR ETTL compatable later in the year. So good stuff all around. 🙂

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