Took a Break…

Well as many of you had commented and even emailed, I took a break from the blog this past weekend. It's a combination of being ill and over working. Last week I lent a hand interviewing 'Far East Movement' - a music group with a current hit on the Billboard, then next day worked in a boxing ring shooting an ad for spot Fila's new women's workout pants, and then a Photoshoot the next day. All of which was an experience to take in and come up with better ideas to make the work flow more smooth. I'll eventually post more information about those events, but for now i'll start getting back to the blog.

6 thoughts on “Took a Break…

  1. Bixby

    A well deserved break, man. I figured that's what you did but I didn't think you were sick. Anyway, thanks for the latest update and have finally bought the fluid head. But not a complete joy purchasing this fluid head. I got so excited about it when I read it on your blog that I immediately purchased it and forgot that I also want to get a bowled tripod for that. I checked out the seller's store and found that they got the best price out there for the tripod/fluid head kit. Oh and this is just after I paid for the fluid head!!!!!! I blame you, man, for making me so excited that I forgot that I want a tripod for that too (lol). Anyway, I contacted the seller and hope that they'll cancel my purchase so that I can buy the kit instead.

    Thanks for the update!!! You're so the man!!!

  2. You deserve the break Emm, seriously. I check your site everyday and am always amazed with you being on top of all possible gear. Thanks for this and thanks for getting back to me about my handle questions!


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