Sanyo’s new Double X rechargeable Battery


Thanks to a tip in the readers comments, it looks like Sanyo's not completely happy with it's existing Eneloop Battery performance, as they decided to announce a new longer lasting rechargeable battery due end of year. They are announcing these batteries as the XX or Double X. One more X and it's possible it would have been banned in the USA or placed in the adult section for only adults to purchase. They will be rated at 2500 mah, an extra 500 from the standard Eneloop. Doesn't sound like much when talking about a single battery, but most LED video lights are using 5-6 batteries. Multiply that extra 500mah each and you've added quite a bit more run time. You can find their press release information here:

Standard rechargeable batteries worked great right after you pull them from the charging station, but a week later they would pretty much be drained. Unlike other rechargeable batteries, the Eneloop can hold a charge for up to one year. These rechargeable batteries are the only thing powering my house from all my flashes, portable audio recorders, LED lights, TV remotes, Wii, Xbox, wireless speakers, lights on the Bikes for night riding, etc. etc. With the handy C and D adapter cases those same AA rechargeables can be used in many other items. You just can't go wrong with these things. The initial investment into Eneloops sounds expensive, but if you use them as much as I do, you'll make up for it in a week. Now I haven't had any problems with run time on my Eneloops so i'm not sure if i'm ready to upgrade to the Double X. For those of you who haven't looked into this tech, cheaper than Amazon, cheaper than eBay, you can find the Sanyo Eneloop power pack kit over at B&H.

Sanyo eneloop Power Pack Starter Kit