DIY is becoming more mainstream in DSLR’s

Watching more and more behind the scenes videos and especially those DSLR meetups going around, you'll catch tons of wicked DIY rigs amongst the crowd. It's quite interesting to see how many people connect and how many conversations can be started from simple ideas. Even though it's also available for purchase, when I released the SpiderTrax Dolly on the internet, it was released as a DIY project.


Igus, the manufacturer of linear guide rails, for the past few months have been selling a DIY kit over at Amazon to make your own Camera slider.

The most recent announcement of DIY gear for sale is from audiophile JuicedLink. Yeah unusual as it might sound coming from a purely Audio Gear company, they're taking a different approach to "securely and cost effectively mount stuff to your camera". Looks like they are working on a DSLR cage and bracket of some type very similar to the K-Tek KN2274 Norbert Camera Mount Frame, but let's hope it's not coming in at the same price range. There's a few raw mock up images of their ideas in place, and more information about their new product lineup at the following this link:

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  1. All this DIY stuff is amazing, I just got a brand new t2i and I'm really leaning more twards the HD video side of it all. I LOVE DIY projects especially the ones that have a use other than..hey look what I can do..especially in today's economy. What I mean much longer do these companies plan to keep up their prices bloated as they are? Why would anyone spend a thousand dollars on a shoulder rig when they can build one(a nice one with all the features of the production model) for like one-fifty? I'm on a shoestring budget literally, I just got out of the military and spent basicly my final check on that camera. So I think this is the most cost efficient DIY project(s) out there..Now if only I could DIY a canon 400mm telephoto lens 😛

  2. Emm

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    It's a couple of 1/2" copper pipes, and a couple of square tubing. That's pretty much it and all cut down to size. You can see the assembly is fairly simple.

  3. Speaking of DIY sliders and whatnot--

    I posted a comment on an older post, but I've gotta know exactly how you built that $20 shoulder rig (offset) with rails... can you shed some light on the parts list from Home Depot or whoever?

    THANKS man!!!


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