The 717AH is Back – maybe for a few hours


When it comes to throwing a spare fluid head onto your DIY slider, Spidertrax Dolly, or other DIY tools, there's nothing with the quality and price as the 717AH Video Fluid Head. When I first found this cheap video fluid head it worked perfectly for my little projects. You can find my little over view video here:

Within just 4 hours of my post the entire inventory was sold out, and has been for months. Other vendors of this head were charging quite the premium, and at that cost you've got alot of other options for Video Fluid heads. So if you're looking for a decent sub $80 dollar fluid head to throw onto some of your DIY projects, check out the 717AH Video Fluid Head which I anticipate will be again out of stock within hours of this post.

Available via eBay for $79.99 found here: 717AH Video Fluid Head

Or available via Amazon for $74.99 found here: 717AH Video Fluid Head

22 thoughts on “The 717AH is Back – maybe for a few hours

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Tom - Yes one is a 'bowl' mount. The bowl mount heads allow you to level the camera without fidgeting with the tripod legs. It's very convenient to have. The other heads mount with a 3/8" thread. Another confusing option is that there are two different 3/8" tripods. One for photo and one for video. The video tripod has three screws under to lock the head in place (doesn't come loose when panning counter clockwise).

    If you want to support the weight of a slider those legs you have now will carry it. For a lightweight set of sticks to fit the 3/8" thread head you can try the 190XDB

  2. Tom

    Here are the item numbers from

    170567426583 & 180609627443

    The seller has just got back to me saying I got the wrong head for those sticks and I need...:180589215661

    Im fine with getting the new head but what type of sticks do I need for the old head. I can use it on my konova so I'm still happy I have it. But id like some sticks to go with it.


  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Tom - Are you sure you ordered the correct one? There should be no adapter to connect them. Do you have links to the exact items you've purchased?

  4. Tom

    I ordered mine plus fancier legs but received no attachment to fix them together. Should this have come? where can I get one?

  5. Lance C

    Well, after reading the reviews and seeing Dave's video I pulled the trigger and bought this tripod. I thought the worst I would have to do is take it apart and clean the gunk off the shaft. Well I ordered it Jan 12 and recieved it today Jan 14th. I opened and placed it on my tripod and in amazement it works perfectly. They must of got word of the GUNK problem and cleaned up their act. I did not have to take anything apart and it moves smoothly to this point anyhow.
    I am very pleased and Thank you for your recommendation.


  6. Got my fluid head.... seems to work great... panning is a little stiff, just from twisting by hand. I really need a set of sticks for this... what do you all recommend for it? Any sticks I can get for less than $100?

    This same head can be found as a tripod system on ebay for around $150... would it be best to just buy the whole system?

    This head has a 3/8" recess to mount on a flat-base tripod... but since I am still ignorant toward all the types of tripods, can you guys point me in the right direction?

    Also, which sliders does this fluid head work with... IndiSliderMINI? ZaZaSlider?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!

  7. rosinator

    i live in europe (germany) and i seriously wanna have one of those. but on the ebay-page there is said that they'd only ship em within the usa and canada. do you know a way for me as a german to get one?

  8. I ordered this back when Em first pushed this gem. Been using it for about 3 months now. I would recommend this head over and over again. For the price, you can not beat it!

  9. Just snagged one of these babies from amazon... thanks man! Any recommendation for a good set of legs that work with this? The tripod I have now is ok but not a fluid head... essential for indie filmmaking with a DSLR as we all know...

  10. John G

    Thank you! I've been checking back here all the time for who knows how long to see if this thing was in stock again.

  11. Lensdude

    Anyone have any panning footage taken with the 717AH?

    I am disappointed with the pan performance with mine: its way too stiff. This is one of the basic functions of a video head and to my eye this requirement is not being met. I know its cheap but…

    That being said it would be interesting to see any footage showin the 717AH unit panning side to side and then the actual footage from the movement?

  12. Lensdude

    Does anyone have any footage with this head that shows side to side to pan shots?

    There might be sample variation but I am quite disappointed with the side panning stiffness on the 717AH I purchased.

    Most cheap fluid heads are not really fluid heads in terms of the construction or the action. A balanced head should slowly level itself out depending on the settings when tilted forwards or backwards. One of the main functions a video head should provide is side to side movement: you should be able to pan sideways or quickly change the angle of view without jerkiness or harsh stops. The sideways movement should be able to be achieved easily and quickly. My 717AH does none of these basic requirements. Just because a piece of kit is cheap does not automatically make it a must purchase if the basic functions are not being met.

    It would be very interesting to see actual footage of the 717AH moving side to side and then show the actual footage such movements provide. Anyone???

  13. Thanks Emm, I just ordered one from your link (hope you get a commission from it) and I will be putting in on my steel spider track dolly my brother in law made for me. Thanks again for watching out for all this ebay stuff.

    Question, I need a good tripod to go with this one, what do you recommend?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    Professional 'legs' can mount dedicated fluid heads. Some cheap tripods have a head mounted that is all part of the unit. These types of fluid heads mount easily with a simple screw. I haven't found one that is both cheap and as fluid as this particular head.

  15. xlerate

    Question, is there a difference between buying a dedicated fluid head as opposed to getting a cheap tripod and using the head from that once disassembled?

    I may be off course, but it seems possible, no?

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