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Wow, when it rains it pours. All i've been talking about is new DSLR rigs for most of the day, but it's good to know our options. Thanks to a tip from 'John', here's another company trying to get their lineup into the DSLR market. I have to say that these model closer to the 'blue guys' than the other company. There's a ton of different accessories already listed from basic rods, clamps, handle bars, follow focus, and shoulder pad. I haven't dug deep enough to find out pricing, but after all the previous posts, i'm not going to get overly excited. Even if they aren't rock bottom, dirt cheap prices, like we've been accustomed to with overseas products, the benefit of having more DSLR accessories in the market is compatibility. All of the accessories from different companies should play nicely together. Your follow focus from blue guys, will mount on a base rig from the orange guys, as well as handlebars from the purple guys. (I sure hope no cinema company is using purple.....) I'm a bit lazy to grab more images, so if you want to take a peek here's the link:


11 thoughts on “Another? E-image Ningbo DSLR Rigs

  1. John

    I didn't expect these to be cheap as they are a part of Fancier (or the other way around, I dunno) and we all know the prices they decided on.

    Interesting enough, take a look at the blown-up picture of the Follow Focus and read what the markings on the gear says. Yes that's right, "rockmicro", suggesting that the parts are from redrockmicro's production line.

  2. Fab

    I wrote an email to E-Image. The price for the EVA-50 ist 1200 Dollar and they need 40 Days for the orduction right now.
    That's pretty much money for an chinese rig.

  3. Paul

    The more the merrier... soon we'll have several budget priced chinese-made rigs that will work and be affordable. I wish they could be USA-made, but that means Zacuto or RRM. I'm sorry, $600 for a tube with a rubber grip and two clamps is ridiculous.

  4. Randy

    I agree these look like potentially good products. But Ikan is high-priced for what you get. If it's only sold through Ikan, it won't be for people on a budget. Maybe the manufacturer will sell direct through eBay.

  5. Kevin

    The problem is, these chineese places make a ton of good stuff, but the distributators ony order one product of a 20 product line.
    Take that fluid head, there are about 15 more head/leg combos on WF's site, but you cant find any because no one wants to deal in more than one product.

  6. Dave N

    If it's IKAN, then it won't be priced reasonably... They'll mark it up 300% or more. Hopefully a Chinese dealer will sell through eBay.

  7. Kelly

    Looks like they are working with ikan. i went to their contact page and selected US and thats who came up.

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