NeoPrene DSLR Covers get the Logo

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Somehow a swarm of these NeoPrene DSLR covers are suddenly showing up. Nifty little protectors that can help prevent scuff, scratches, and dust to your cameras while packing things up. Usually found for around $6.00 dollars, they are now sporting a variety of popular logos, coming in different sizes, and a few different colors. Link: NeoPrene Camera Case Cover for DSLR's.

7 thoughts on “NeoPrene DSLR Covers get the Logo

  1. Emm

    Post author

    I would only use it for packing up in my bag. I tend to have a lot of gear all thrown in together.

  2. Jeff

    These have been quite common in hong kong for a couple years now. I've used one and don't recommend it if you're planning to carry the camera around in it, it doesn't look all that great...

  3. Martin D.

    This was my first purchase after getting my Canon T2i - and got the link from this blog 🙂

    I did get the one with a Canon logo on it. I'm impressed by the quality for that price. Really, it does not look like a 6$ item.

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