Zoom H1 Battery Drain?


Forums are opening up with complaints about the new Zoom H1 having some serious battery drain issues. Just thought i'd post an article here to see what comments pour in. Supposedly there could be a bad batch of Zoom H1's floating around with problem capacitors that will drain brand new batteries to almost nothing just overnight. By habit I always recharge my Eneloop batteries and use a fresh set in all my gear before a shoot. So this is something i've never noticed. I'll have to grab a fresh pack of non-rechargeables to test this out myself on my units. I'm digging around to see what Samson or Zoom might have to say about this, and if it's true, what will be done for consumers. If you've got any more information, fill us in with your comments below.

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  1. Zarneewoop

    If your H1 eats batteries when switched off you need to replace C273 with a 47uf 6.3v, its a tight fit but if you scrape away a bit of the copper each side of the cap you can squeeze it in.
    Remove the back and hold it upright, microphones to the top and battery bottom right. Look at the board to the left of the battery, from the bottom there is a cap, a coil (thing marked 4R7) above that is IC5 to the right of that is C5 then to the right of that is the one your looking for, be careful to observe the polarity of the cap (make sure the marked side of the cap is to the top, the board is also marked with a +. I have 4 H1's 3 of which went back for repair and they came back with that component changed, I also managed to speak to an engineer at the service center who confirmed it..

    Here's a few words for the search engines, zoom h1 flat battery, draining battery, h1 fix. H1 repair modification. Leaky capacitor. H1 battery drain fix

  2. @Oregon Attorney - I believe this is fixed. I can leave batteries in my recent Zoom H1s and still have battery the next time I power it up. There will always be some drain, but not as bad as it was before. If I left it in the Zoom H1, it would be dead overnight.

  3. Oregon Attorney

    I realize this post is rather old, but doesn't anyone know if Zoom fixed this issue with a hardware or firmware update? I'm a big fan of Zoom gear.

  4. Bought mine Feb 2014 at a shop in Vienna, Austria, serial is 00360111, assembled in China. Draining the battery quite fast, I used to remove the battery. My idea was that this product is just a very bad design. Now using my H1 more often, it is not acceptable for me the delay this causes (inserting the battery, date and time input). Now I'm late looking for a solution, but thanks to all who gave input, especially for the tip to C273. (soldered with wrong polarity? - will probably see for myself)

  5. Steve

    Bought mine Dec 2013, serial number 417802 with battery drain problem. It's taking just over 20 ma when switched off. Zoom talk of problem being resolved from serial number 40000 onwards is garbage.

  6. Zarneewoop

    Doh isn't this out there yet.
    If your H1 is out of warrentee and eats batteries when switched off you need to replace C273 with a 47uf 6.3v, its a tight fit but if you scrape away a bit of the copper each side of the cap you can squeeze it in.

    Remove the back and hold it upright, microphones to the top and battery bottom right. Look at the pcb to the left of the battery, from the bottom there is a cap, a coil (thing marked 4R7) above that is IC5 to the right of that is C5 then to the right of that is the one your looking for C273, be carefull to observe the polarity of the cap (make sure the marked side of the cap is to the top, the board is also marked with a +.

    I have four H1's three of which went back for repair and they came back with that component change, I also managed to speak to an engineer who confirmed it..

    Hope that's helpful for a few folks.

    Here's a few words for the search engines, zoom h1 flat battery, draining battery, h1 fix. H1 repair modification. Leaky capacitor.

  7. Don Dario

    I bought H1 unit last week. Serial 107 xxx. The problem still exists despite such a long history of clients complaints. Very peculiar policy of the Samonson.

  8. ckablackie

    I bought one last week from music store in Perth, Australia. The battery drains within 2 days without use. Serial 25***,
    Great little device but they really need to sort this issue out.

  9. w022a

    The Zoom I purchased in December 2010 had the same issue. The good news is I emailed Zoom UK, got a response within 10 minutes confirming their was a bad batch and had a replacement with 2 days with an addtional 4GB memory card for my inconvenience. Thanks for the great customer service, Zoom!

  10. Fhilipk

    So this is still an ongoing problem? I was looking at buying a Zoom H1 from ebay in the US as it's $50 cheaper than getting it here in Australia.

    But really I don't want to risk having to send this back as it'll get more expensive than getting local.

    Is there any way to tell which batch was faulty?


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  12. Phil

    Sent my faulty unit back to Zoom UK and they replaced it with a brand new unit and a 4gb card by way of an apology inside of two days. Impressed so far, now to test it and see if there's improvement in the battery life.

  13. I have the same problem (my Zoom H1 turned off, the batteries get empty in a few days) I bought it in France. The shop told me they can do an exchange but they don't know if the new one they are going to give me doesn't have the same problem as they don't have any info by Samson or by the distributor (The option of sending it to Samson takes one and a half month for some strange reasons).

    How can I tell if the new one they are going to give me have problems or not ?

  14. Phil

    Glad I found this site... I've got what appears to be a fairly early H1 (013283) and had just assumed that the super rapid battery drain was normal, not having owned anything by Zoom before.

    I'm in the UK, so I've just spun Samson and the UK wing of Zoom emails asking what the procedure for replacement is. Will post here again when I've found out more...

  15. TOMAS

    thx for advice, I know about that bad expirience with battery leakeage. Ofcourse that for storage I am removing alakaline battreies , but during my one month trips - never.My units are always ready. But taking them from maintenace reason is a different story.
    The problem was "3 days drain" and "10 days drain" broken zoom h1 units.
    Thiis is about having good working recorder.
    I tried to help my self and others to find the way to avoid bad expirience with factory mistake and help to us recognize bad units.
    I think I did my work well , because my unit after one month recorded 11 hours of mp3 non stop.
    So guys try to get the unit which is taking in off position below 170 microamper, and when you find it do not forget about storage of your units without battery .

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @tomas - It's actually something I would recommend. I've experienced battery leaks from alkaline Energizers and Duracell batteries if you leave them in your equipment. If you plan to store something for more than two weeks, especially with alkaline batteries, it's best to remove it. Right now I have one single Eneloop that looks a bit swollen, happens over time. Regardless if you're units are good or not, best practice is to store it away without batteries.

    Here's just a quick article you should read about 'storage': https://wiki.pocketwizard.com/index.php?title=Batteries

    Another example: https://www.cinema5d.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=14743&p=101808

    In many of the electronics manuals they highly suggest storage should be done without batteries.

  17. tomas

    January 21st, 2011 at 9:36 am

    @Tomas – You seem to be wasting lots of time. you should just get the H4n. Or just take the battery out.

    Emm thank you for advice.
    H4N is very good but too big compare with zoom H1, which is the best for my needs and many others I think.
    To take battery out , yes I can do that , no problem, but I do not have to because I have a good zoom H1 now. My unit is taking now 168 microamps and when I am going to 2 weeks trip I do not have to take the battery out.
    Luckly my canon is not takng too much power in off position. Can you imaging guys to take each time battery form you camera after shot session?

  18. John

    I bought one of the early model H1 recorders with the problem capacitor and called Samson tech support in the U.K. The lady who dealt with my call was polite, apologetic and helpful: she gave me an RMA number, asked me to return the unit and told me that to cover the cost of postage, the replacement would come with a 4 Gig memory card. I sent mine off on a Thursday and had the replacement by the following Tuesday. Since then, the unit has performed extremely well and the battery life seems fine. I don't have a problem with my H2, either; my original H4 does consume batteries quite quickly when I'm using an external capacitor microphone that requires 48V Phantom Power, but that's only to be expected.

    Samson have advised that anyone with the problem should contact the Samson distributor in their own country, so the gentleman in Canada who seems to have contacted the US distributors may want to contact the Canadian distributor instead. This information is given elsewhere in this list, but here it is again:

    If you purchased the unit in Canada, you will need to contact the Canadian distributor for Zoom, here is their info

    Omnimedia Corporation Ltd.
    1875-55th Avenue Dorval,
    Quebec H9P 2W3, Canada
    Tel: (1) 514-636-9971 Fax: (1) 514-636-5274



  19. techman

    My first unit had serial number 345XX and used 230µA (switched off 😉 ) and today I got my exchanged unit (s/n 575XX) which uses 199µA - shoud I look for a better one, or is this the best I can get so far?

    greetings from Austria (Europe)

  20. Wow those guy from Samson are rude.

    I live in Vancouver BC (purchased H1 with bat problem over Amazon.com) and they told me to handle it with amazon.com because they don't want to ship to Canada and HUNG UP the phone.

    I call this rude and unprofessional.

    Definitely the last purchase from this clown company 🙁

  21. BlueLotus

    My serial number is 46XXX. I decided I'm going to keep it and not try and get one that uses less power. I'll just leave the battery out when I'm not using it. I keep it in my guitar case with 3 extra AA batteries for it. For as often as I use it, it's no biggie to take the batteries in and out and reset the date.

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Tomas - You seem to be wasting lots of time. you should just get the H4n. Or just take the battery out.

  23. tomas

    HI guys
    I had at home 8 pcs of zoom h1, , two of them had a serial number over 50000, they were still broken. The best is take multimeter and check your unit(have to be at least below 170microamper inoff position) or simple place batterry inside and keep in off positin at leat one month and than start to record(you should have over 10 hours recor mp3 on it after that time; if not - broken and return)

  24. BlueLotus

    Thanks for the notes, tomas and Pawel. I'll get my music store to send mine in for a new one that's fixed.


  25. Pawel

    I read here about this battery drain problem so after purchasing my unit I wrote to Zoom asking whether i should expect any problems with it. Serial number is 99049.
    This is the response I got.

    "Dear Paweł *****,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The problem has already been solved, and relieve, please. Regarding the battery drain problem of the H1, the serial number is till 40000. Therefore your H1 is no problem.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Sincerely yours,

  26. tomas

    Hi Leland In my opinion all of them they are broken, but if you want choose the best take that which is taking 170microamper or low, do not take above, I beliec=ve that after correction in the factory thay will take lower than 50 microamps.
    Zoom h1 is so far the best ,smalest recorder in my opinion on the market, but that thing with drain - sucks.
    Leland try to find 170microap or lower if you need this recorder
    luckly you know what to do, there is a lot of people who thing that digital recorders are taking power like that , but this is not quite true

  27. BlueLotus

    Ok. On my newly exchanged unit it's showing 1/3 battery life left this morning when I put a brand new Energizer battery in it on Monday afternoon. That's less than 4 days. Looks like I'll be taking this one in as well. I think I'll bring a multimeter into the store with me. If they don't have any H1s that are good in the store then I'll ask them to give me one direct from the distributor with confirmation of the problem being addressed.


  28. BlueLotus

    Tomas, I'm still confused. Is my unit using 29 mA or 280uA(.28mA). The readings I gave above are all based on the unit being off. I'm not good with reading a Multimeter and a bit confused with it.



  29. TOMAS

    In ON position units are taking around 150.000 microamp; with light dispaly ON around 180.000 microamp

  30. TOMAS

    I did mistake in previous comment the "3 days units" are taking around 40.000 microamper comnstamtly.

  31. TOMAS

    Note for Leland.
    Some guy replace his unit in New York Samson office. Technicians fixed for him the problem . His unit was taking in off position 38 microamper ( this what the guy read from his multimeter), which I think this is more correct. All the "10 days units" are taking from 150 to 400 microamper which is not bad , like yours one 280, but it means that occasinaly your zoom is taking more that 280 ( around 29.200 microamper - base on your numbers from your multimeter). ( "3 days units" - are taking in off position arond 400.000 microamper)

  32. TOMAS

    Maybe I m funny guy but If I will buy TV I want to use the swith not taking plug out from the outlet. But if we need that we have to do that like Leland said , take battrey from the unit and the problem is done.

  33. TOMAS

    I had the same problem men. Base on your numbers It looks like you have "better one of bad one". All your numbers are correct only 0.33 is diffrent than 280 because tolerance of multimeter. Set your multimeter for 200m and check few times, it could be that sometimes you will see29.2 and sometimes 1 or nothing on your multimeter. In my opinion your were lucky and you saw the factory mistake like the unit ocasionally is taking to much power. You have to remeber that I am still talking about "10 days units" not "3 days drain units". Now if you can you can do me fewer. Insert brand new battery inside and keep off 10 days after this time in my opinion you will full record non stop (mp3 is the best in this case) around 4 hours not 10 hours.In my opinion all thgose units are broken but only some of them are broken very bad "3 days units". I HOPE I AM WRONG. Today I am going to the store to give them back my 7th one and I will wait maybe 1 year until they fixed the problem in factory and I will buy the highest serial number, at least over 100 000, a than I will test.

  34. BlueLotus

    OK. I've checked the newly exchanged H1 that I have.
    When I have my Multimeter set to 2000u it gives me a reading of 280.
    When it's set to 20m it gives me a reading of 0.33
    When it's set to 200m it gives me a reading of 29.2

    I'm a bit confused as to how many milliamps it's putting out here. Is it 29 mA or 280uA(.28mA). Can anyone let me know.



  35. BlueLotus

    Tomas, how do you check the battery drain with a multimeter? I have one at home and would like to check if my newly exchanged H1 has the same problem or not. If it does, I will do the same as you've done and bring it into the store with me and get a good replacement unit.


    Worst case scenario (if other exchanged units have this problem), I will just keep the battery out of the Zoom H1. I have the expansion pack case and the H1 will fit with a battery externally next to it zipped up. I have no need for the date stamping (which I assume is the only reason why there is any battery drain in the first place).

  36. tomas

    One more thing. I bought seven of them and gave them back to the store. Each time when I went to the store I took multimeter with me to check amper battery drain. The selers look at me like I am a psycho guy. Now I know how to choose between the "3 days" off units and "10 days units". For me all of them they have a problem with battery drain but some of them are "bad worst" and some of them "bad". I wrote the letter to Japan with that question , we are going to see what they will be the answer.

  37. tomas

    Hi guys
    In my opinion there is another problem with zoom h1. When you will place the brand new batery and you will leave the unit off for 10 days in off position, after this time the h1 will not record for you 10-11 hours but 4-5 hours. It means that every hour the unit in positin off is taking arond 5mA. It should take less than 0,2 mA. So after one month if you will not use h1 at all battery will drain any way. Check that with your units. guys.

  38. BlueLotus

    Bought an h1 last week. After 3-4 days, the battery that came with it was dead. I bought it at Music Centre Canada. I just called the number for Omnimedia Corporation (Thanks Tomas for the info above) and talked to a guy there regarding it. Very helpful. He said that I can ship the unit to him and he'll immediately send out a replacement that has been tested. I asked him how I'd do that (seeing as I don't want to pay the shipping costs) and if I should take it back to MCC and he said that MCC should be able to take care of it. Good stuff!!

    Bonus info here: The guy I talked to went on to explaing what the real issue is here: It's a COUNTERFEIT resistor. He said that Zoom buys brand name components and somehow some counterfeit resistors got into the batch that had the same brand name on them and that's the reason why some units are defective. He also went on to assure me to the utmost that Zoom is rectifying it and will do everything they can to. My guess is that they have no idea which units had the counterfeit resistors and which didn't. He also said that in Canada the number of defective units that have been reported is 3% and that webpages like this one tend to blow it out of porportion.

    Oh well. I'm glad I found this webpage. I need to record a bunch of acoustic songs with it this weekend but I'll be sending it back to MCC for a new unit after that.


  39. Darwin

    Got a Zoom H1 for Xmas. Batteries drain extremely fast when unit is powered off. Have used 2 brand new batteries in almost as many days. Contacted the store and they are testing one out for me. If that one is ok then we'll exchange.

  40. Brian

    Do they send you a free Zoom H1 if you give them the serial number through the telephone? I have the same problem

  41. TOMAS

    On 12/28/10 6:53 PM,
    One more question. Can you tell me for how long aprox. the battery should stay full in good working H1 unit (not in bad unit 3 days drain). I bought the new one in other store and after 10 days it start lower the battrery drain
    It looks like if I load brand new battrey I can record 12 hours non stop but after 10 days maybe 3 hours. Is it how they designed it or that one is also broken but in different way???

    the battery drain issue is related to a bad capacitor. This may very well cause additional power issues, included reduced battery life overall.


    Erich Barto
    Product Specialist
    Samson Technologies

  42. Got the same problem with an H1 bought off Amazon.com. Is there a way to tell off the serial numbers whether or not yours is in the "bad" batch? My serial is 29226.

    Weighing the hassle of returning it vs the hassle of taking the battery out after each use....


  43. Christophe B.

    Sorry, just to say I put the "battery empty after 3 or 4 days" in the wrong place, it was for the old unit (obviously ?).

  44. Christophe B.

    Just the same as Alphazo, the battery drain is much less on my new unit (around 200µA when turned off, battery empty after 3 or 4 days) than on the old one (30 to 40mA). New serial number is 00079695, I didn't take note of the old one.

  45. tomas

    Hello ,
    We are aware of an issue affecting a limited number of H1’s.
    If you purchased the unit in the US and have a US address to have a replacement sent to you,
    Please call customer service at 1-800-372-6766, 9am-5pm M-F EST.
    They will issue a return authorization number and arrange to have a new, tested replacement sent to you.

    If you purchased the unit in Canada, you will need to contact the Canadian distributor for Zoom, here is their info

    Omnimedia Corporation Ltd.
    1875-55th Avenue Dorval, Quebec H9P 2W3, Canada
    Tel: (1) 514-636-9971 Fax: (1) 514-636-5274


    Erich Barto
    Product Specialist
    Samson Technologies

    In Canada they want to send on your cost, Canada Ej, Shame, they did crap product and we have to pay for that, they are funny

  46. I just purchased one yesterday. I tried it last night for about 1/2 hour and it was working good. I just powered it on (about 20 hours later) and was getting the low battery warning. I did some searches and found this article...

    I am a bit pissed that they would not recall the bad ones from the store shelves and replace them with ones that don't have this issue!

  47. Carl

    For the record: got mine (H1) via ebay a week ago. Used it to test (1 hr), record a rehearsal (about 2.5 hrs), playback via headphone (> 2 hrs), and it has now been sitting in its pouch for a week. Battery still shows full or 2/3. So it is not a generic issue.

    Very happy with the H1: very easy to use, great sound and great battery life 😉

  48. Alphazo

    Finally received my replacement H1. Faulty one (serial# 014040) drained 35mA while off. The new one (serial # 100643) only drains 170µA when turned off.

  49. paul adams

    I called Samson today and they gave me a return number to return the H1 to their NY office for repair.

  50. Frank S.

    I bought an H1 at the end of November, batteries died within 36 hours with unit off. Returned it to Amazon for replacement, batteries die on second unit in 36 hours. Have sent an email to Zoom support at SamsonTech, and they have not replied. It is a nice unit, and certainly usable by taking the batteries out. It is a bit of a pain having to reenter the date and time info every time you take the battery out and then put it back in later. My serial number on the second unit is 29294. Will call SamsonTech tomorrow.

  51. Dec 9 Canada Toronto got my H1 at Henrys serial: 41548 got my unit last Friday. I did Christmas concert, Saturday wedding, played with it and today batter still full.

  52. TOMAS


  53. Davide

    I have recently got a new zoom h1 delivered in France, with exactly the same problems as above described of battery drained when turned off. I am really disappointed about the behavior of the Zoom company.

  54. Emm

    Post author

    When the unit is running and recording it lasts a long time. When it's turned off and you have a bad capacitor then it could drain a battery. Sounds like more of a hassle for you over seas, you may want to just pull the battery out when not in use.

  55. Hans

    I have a bad unit. Bought in the US via Amazon and had it hand carried to Malaysia where I live. Sending back to the US for repair will probably not be an option(shipping costs will be more than I paid!).

    Any way to Identify the capacitor and have it repaired by a local techie. Lots of low costs tech help here. Would need to source the capacitor and hope for the best?

  56. Erin

    Phew, glad I found this blog. I bought one about three weeks ago here in Melbourne Australia. I have the battery drain problem too when the unit is turned off for a few days. Does anyone know where/how I would be able to get a replacement here? I'll be calling the shop I bought it from tomorrow.

    On another note does anyone know how to keep the LED light on for monitoring levels in darkness?

  57. Garrison

    Called Samson Tech Support(1-800-372-6766)regarding the battery drain issues on the Zoom H1. They were very cooperative and gave me a return authorization number without any questions. He even said I could keep the micro-SD card.

  58. Emm

    Post author

    Check the file setting if you have low recording levels. Should be 96/24 for louder audio recording.

  59. Garrison

    I really like the H1 audio quality. I got mine about three weeks ago. A little tweaking on the file with Audacity is an acceptible way to compensate for the tendency for low recording levels. The boosted recording still sounds great. I obviously also have one of the units which will run down the unit's battery to an almost dead condition overnight. I've been putting in a rechargeable NI-MH battery before each use and is enough to make it useable. (But Gee!) If you change it often enough, it at least still remembers the date and time. Sounds like I'll be checking in with their tech support.

  60. Whitebait

    Really pleased to have found this post and the related comments. I'm having the same problem with battery drain on a unit I purchased 3 weeks ago here in Australia. OK, now to work out who to approach about the replacement unit (sigh) ...
    Aside from the battery problem, and the crap plastic thread for tripods etc (almost destroyed it first time), I do think it is a potentially great little recorder.

  61. My H1 Drains the battery in seconds. Going to take it back ASAP. Just bought my Zoom H1. It's doesn't actually drain the battery but as soon as I pop a brand new fully charged and tested battery in, it shows low in about three seconds then shows its almost dead and shuts off within five seconds. I took the battery out and tested it again and it still was almost totally charged. Tried several batteries, same issue.

  62. Alphazo

    BTW, with good unit, how many days can the H1 stay in standby? What is the typical current draw in stanby mode?

  63. Alphazo

    My brand new H1 (serial # 014040) drains 35mA while off. That gives 3 days out of a regular AA (2700mAH)!

    I knew that I could be hit by this problem so I bought it from a store around the corner and not from an online one. I hope the next one will be fine.

  64. Jeff

    Received my H1 Oct. 1 and I noticed the battery drain right away. The device will completely drain a fresh battery in four days when turned off. If you leave it long enough, the device will lose the date/time information and it will need to be re-entered once a new battery is inserted. Ironically, during recording sessions, the battery lasts a long time. We've used it for a three hours non-stop with minimal batter drain, yet it will lose about 1/4 of its charge each night.

    I will be attempting to arrange for a replacement from the store in Canada where I bought it. The Canadian distributor does not handle returns/exchanges. I will post again on sucess.

  65. Jordan

    I have since tried two H1's.... both have the battery drain. I will be sending this one back to Samson tomorrow... maybe sending it directly back to them will lead to a good one.

  66. Tony E

    So I sent my H1 back, and am waiting for the replacement. Anyone who returned one, how long did it take to get the replacement?

  67. pcunite

    I bought the H1 the day BH had them on their site. It has worked very well so these problems are only related to a bad batch. I love mine so get yours replaced if you're having trouble.

  68. MARX

    Three dead batteries in three days; returned it to Amazon
    for replacement advising them that there were numerous
    other users who had the same issue. I also wasn't too
    happy with the sound from the speaker..low and almost
    inaudible. Maybe the replacement will perform up to

  69. Sture

    I bought a H1 and got the problem that the battery life time was very short although it was not in use ( 24 ours). I returned it and got a new one with almost the same problem! You can´t have a product like this if you cannot thrust it.

  70. Paul

    I'm using a pair of rechargeables (2500mAh nickel metal hydride) and they last literally for 30 minutes of recording time each. The same batteries last in my one watt bike light for months (hundreds of hours operating time). I'm taking it back to the store - they said they should be able to swap it over.

  71. Tony E

    My H1 is draining my batteries in about 36 hours without even being turned on. I took an ohmmeter and there is a 4K Ohm resistance across the battery terminals without the battery in, which is enough flow to indeed drain the battery. This is indeed a hardware problem and its going to require repair or replacement to fix.

  72. Emm

    Post author

    Let me correct my statement. I was comparing it to standard off the shelf 'alkaline' batteries (non-rechargeable), not to mislead anyone.

  73. jazzweezel

    Also, your take on Eneloops is misleading.

    They actually hold less MAH than the better NIMH cells. The main advantage of using eneloops is that they drain much much slower "on the shelf" than regular NIMHs and in that respect behave more like Alkalines, which is a good thing.

    The fact they come pre-charged is probably neither here nor there for most people.

    They also have a slight advantage in flashguns with recycle time, but that is OT here! 😉

  74. jazzweezel

    C'mon guys all this talk of always use fresh batts and Eneloops or whatever is good advice, but not really addressing the problem here. There is a confirmed hardware fault with certain batches of the Zoom H1 where when switched off the battery will drain in less than 3 days. This is a fault and is being addressed by Zoom.

    If your Zoom H1 eats batteries in around 3 days then you have a faulty unit. Return for an exchange.

  75. Emm

    Post author

    If you're not using Eneloops, all the other batteries will drain quickly in todays electronics. Eneloops are not just rechargeable, they hold 4 times more MAH than standard batteries.

  76. theo

    My battery drains without any use... or hardly any use at all. This is not only the Zoom-1 but the Zoom-2 having a a big problem of fast battery drain. It's almost useless to buy these ZOOM products as I found out. However, the quality and recording is good, but forget the battery use!

    I just bought the Zoom-1 not long ago.... is it defective?

  77. Emm

    Post author

    I just use rechargeables, I have several of them, and always charge before a long shoot. Force of habit, but should be good practice for everyone. Always go with fresh batteries, and keep spares on hand.

  78. Jason

    I got my on ebay but I complained enough to where they're letting me return it for a full refund.

    It sucks because it's so rad...but I never used it..I will buy it again if I have to.

  79. tall pete

    Yes, mine too, really disappointed because it is exactly what I need in every other way.

    trying to seek resolution through Zoom UK.


  80. Jason

    buy more items to review! 😛

    I second a cheeseyforum. That way certain article discussions wont get burred over time like they do now..

  81. Drew

    I just got a Zoom H1. I put in the battery it came with and it died already. Its been about 40 hours. Is that normal? I can mine is also draining really fast.

  82. xlerate

    @ Jason: I think the RA will only get you a repair, but it's worth a shot. Phone support answers were less than 2 minutes. If you are anywhere near Long Island, NY, you can call them and go the HQ for your RA.

    Once it's repaired, you can sell it off as 'battery-drain-issue-free'. 😉

    Side Note: It would be nice to have some sort of Cheesycam community forum, where questions could be offloaded from Emm, on to users who can share their experiences, DIY how to, used gear trade/sale.

  83. Jason

    wow, I'm really glad I decided to email you about this. Thanks for posting emm. You got things rolling way better and faster than I could.

    The cheeseycam community strikes again!

    I'm not using the h1 as much as I'd hope. I wonder if this RA will let me get a refund?

  84. Emm

    Post author

    Haha, thanks for the kind words about the blog. I think the difference is that this blog can talk about anything. Tiger Woods isn't allowed to wear Reebok or Adidas....

  85. rob

    @AC - that sucks too. I'm always a little skeptical when it coms to cheap off brand products from China. I've personally got a battery grip for my t2i and it's always lingering in the back of my head what if this poops out during my shoot!! - so far so good.

    I'm thinking about purchasing a h1 zoom or a rode mic in the next few weeks and now I guess I gotta do some more researching if theres h1 duds rolling around...

    emm your blog is awesome!

  86. AC

    A detour from this topic, but I bought a battery grip for my 7D. An off brand from China. Ran out of battery so decided to use AA to finish a shoot. Brand new batteries, didn't last me more than 10 minutes. Would this be a bad capacitor too? Anyone else ever had this problem?

  87. xlerate

    Amended: Support stated this is not affecting all Zoom H1's.
    Those with battery drain issues or similar can contact Samson.

  88. xlerate

    Just spoke with Samson support.
    They confirmed that there is indeed a 'hardware' issue related to the battery drain and are issuing RA (return authorizations). Tech on the phone was prepared to issue RA over the phone. He stated you should not bring it back to the store you purchased it at, Samson will fix the hardware issue directly.

    Sidenote: Request shipping at their expense, this is a manufacturing issue, and not an 'Oops, I dropped it' scenario.

    Contact Info:

    -Phone: 631-784-2200 (Ask for support)
    -Support - [email protected]
    -Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/zoomfx

    Shipping Address:
    Samson Technologies Corp.
    45 Gilpin Avenue, Suite 100
    Hauppauge, NY 11788

  89. Jos Hendrikx

    I also noticed a drain on the battery it was supplied with. It wasn't dead after a day, but with only a few test recordings it was down to 1 bar on the battery indicator.

    I'm curious what Samson is going to say (if anything at all).



  90. Emm

    Post author

    I emailed them, and they responded in hours. Hang tight I'll get more information in soon.

  91. Ryan

    Totally dead battery after leaving it in overnight. Used good old fashioned Duracell batteries and they still drained in just over 24 hours. I called Samson Support, told them I own a blog and wanted to address the issue - see if it was normal - and they never responded, even though they said they would within 24 hours. I guess I should take that as normal with any company with a widespread problem. I'm ready to return it, just need to know the process.

  92. Scotteo

    Got burned by the drain on the H1. It was working fine when and ran it through some tests for a few days with no problems. As soon as I grabbed it to actually put it to work, it was dead. I thought it was the cheap battery that came with the unit but it appears to be more serious.

  93. YES...I usually have to replace before each shoot. Are they admitting the defect and replacing? Where might one go to learn more about this?

  94. That was my post on cinema5d. My battery drains overnight with a brand new battery. Actually, I bet it would drain before the night was over - probably 5-6 hours and it would be completely dead.

    Hopefully my replacement will be ok.

  95. Michel

    This is exactely what I experienced. With both, non-rechargeable and rechargable batteries.
    I thought about returning it for another one, but it seems this is a common bug with all Zoom H1?

  96. AC

    I hardly use my H1...but have a battery in it since the day I bought it which is over a month ago. Took it out last weekend to record over 30minutes of a concert with no problem.

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