New DSLR Rigs Want to Come out and Play – Prototyping




Just got wind of a new company looking to play in the ever popular DSLR game. Above are a few photos, showing some new gear currently being 'prototyped'. That's about all I can say right now, as I don't have much more information (yet). Whether we'll see this on the market soon would be interesting as well, but looks like when they are ready to go they'll be offering quite a bit. Check out the gear that's in the works...

9 thoughts on “New DSLR Rigs Want to Come out and Play – Prototyping

  1. Neil

    But is it really about the camera body? Everyone says the important investment is the lens because that's the piece that doesn't get outdated and you can use for years. That $900 T2i will be a dinosaur in 3yrs time but that sweet 70-200mm f2 L will still be impressive.

    Rigs are more like lenses. Make the right purchase and you'll be using the same rig in 5 years time regardless of whether you're using a T2i or the 5DmkIII.

    Of course, there's one thing that cancels all of these arguments... Whether you're using top of the line accessories or something you McGyverred using duct tape and a bunch of paper clips, its the images you capture and the story you tell that's the most important thing.

  2. Randy

    @De Castro is right. If you bought a $900 t2i, how could you justify spending $3000 for a shoulder rig? Perhaps a few hundred at most.

    @Neil -- What's amazing is seeing pros go out with nothing more that their bare 5d or 7d and shoot incredible footage. It can be done. So there's your answer. If I was dating a super model, going bare is the way to go!

  3. Neil

    I agree, some accessories really are ridiculously priced for what they are. A matte box is a prime example of this. Follow focus and basic support rigs on the other hand can seriously impact your results if they don't function the way you need them to.

    If you've used the real stuff on a real film set then you really come to recognize the difference in precision builds that have strength, durability and that you can always rely upon in any kind of conditions.

    This is where I get frustrated because a lot of the guys out there making this DSLR gear are all flash and no substance. It seems they've taken the "High price tag" option of the old guys (who have been building film gear for decades) but with only half-assed build quality and designs that quite often just aren't modular or built to truly last.

    I was a camera assistant on IATSE sets for 8yrs. There's a reason names like O'Connor, Sachtler, Arri and Chroziel cost a bundle - its because they work under ridiculous conditions and abuse.

    @De Castro - "throwing your camera around" is all well and good but I don't want that handle I'm throwing it around with to snap off and my camera to become a crash-cam.

  4. Koitz


    In some cases, if Y.G.W.Y.P.F is not true in pro companies. A simpler follow focus from a top manufacturer cost to user about 50 times more than really cost to make, or even to buy in parts. Any follow focus wears a gear box that doesn't cost more than 10 or 15 euros in a shop. Rest is only molded plastic. This example is a robery, but there are more. like matte boxes.

    Maybe a good simple rig is a good inversion to support your camera, but some accesories are highly overpriced. If you have money, buy them, if you have time, build them! 🙂


  5. de castro

    y'know these rig systems were built for cameras that weigh 40 lbs and cost +$100,000 of dollars.

    honestly companies are selling over engineered pipes and clamps for a 4lb. camera that i can literally throw to get a shot.

    i love this blog because cheesy really gets equipment with true value that will get the job done.

  6. Neil


    (You Get What You Pay For) is always the order of the day. If its cheap there's usually a catch and when it comes to something that is supporting my $1200+ camera and my god even knows how much it costs lens etc. then I don't want to throw it on a piece of flimsy, unreliable plastic. If you were dating a super model who you force her to wear a potato sack? 🙂

    I've seen soooo many of these rigs the last little while and for me, the CPM filmtools gear is still looking like the best bang for your buck. I can't wait to see what their follow focus and matte box designs look like.

  7. This looks really good. It looks like there isn't much going for the matte box though. It doesn't appear to have any 4x4 slots for filters. I guess it all depends on price. The rig looks nice. I was surprised how much the "Fancier" products are. Indeed the indisystems is priced just right. I'm also surprised no one has come close to their pricing.

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