3.5mm Mono To Stereo for Audio-Technica LAV Zoom Recorder

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I'm still waiting on the other two, but i'll have a total of three Zoom H1's and still my Zoom H4n. I have ordered more Audio-Technica ATR3350 Lav microphones which is a Mono mic (not stereo), and if you're looking into those cheaper shotgun microphones, those would be mono as well. If you're lucky they might already adapt to record in two channels like the Rode Videomic does. Since the ATR3350 Lav mic and possibly some of these other mono microphones records only to one side channel of the Zoom Audio recorder, to save yourself some time duplicating audio tracks in post, you can grab one of these mono-to-stereo adapters. (make sure it's mono to stereo not vice versa) The correct size you'll need is 3.5mm (a.k.a 1/8"). Here's the link to a Mono to Stereo Adapters on eBay.

Dual Mono Adapter

Another interesting comment that came in suggested the use of a Dual input adapter. This may work to input two mono microphones one for each channel. The Zoom H4n can record 4 channels, two of them mono which needs to be duplicated to both left and right channel in post. Using a Dual input adapter, you might be able to achieve the same thing with the Zoom H1. You may have to depend on using self powered microphones, and also you won't be able to adjust individual levels like the Zoom H4. Curious if that idea would work.

Zoom H1 Portable Audio Recorder

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  1. @Eve Richer I know your using the h1 but I actually just used 2 of the atr3350 lav's with the y adapter with the h4n and pretty much one mic records to the right channel, and the other mic records to the left channel by default. Good thing with the h4n as mentioned above is that with the mono mix feature turned on, both lav's record to both channels, at all times.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Eve Richer - The problem is that each LAV records in Mono (left channel I think). You need to find a way to have one record to left, and the other to right. It would work though.

  3. I have the same question that others have asked. I have a Zoom H1 and an ATR3350 lav and was thinking of buying a second lav and one of those adapters mentioned so I can record 2 mono mics using just 1 H1.

    It seems that people think it will work in theory, but is there anyone that has tried it and can report back? If so, what adapter do you have?

  4. Emm

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    @Liam - There is one wire in the middle, and there's wiring on the 'outside' of that wire. So long as you reconnect them without them touching each other, it will work.

  5. Liam

    Emm I am using the mic plugged into the zoom h1 which will go in the pocket of the groom/person I am Interviewing. The wire is far too long you mentioned that you were going to cut it. Is it as simple as cutting the wire stripping back the wire and connecting them or is there more than one wire?

  6. just wondering. if i want to interview 2 people with an H1, would it be effective to use 2 mono ATR3350 mics and use the dual mono adapter to capture both people? just want to try to save on the cost of buying 2 H1's.

    the 2 interviewees will be sitting together.

  7. Emm

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    If you have a quiet set, the stereo mics sound really good on the zoom h1. If you have some noisey ambient or if your subjects tend to turn away from the mic when talking, then LAV mics will work better. The H4n is designed for true multi track recording, but it sounds like the H1 dual adapter would work - but you can adjust the mic levels seperately. The H4n allows you to adjust levels seperately for each track.

  8. Ryan

    So here's a question.. What if you had two wired Audio Technica lavs running into the dual mono adapter and then connect that into the H1 with the mono to stereo adapter.. I have the H1 and the wired lav but I wanted to try and get two lavs for a dual person interview.. Don't know if that would work, or if I should just throw the H1 on a boom pole and call it a day.. What do you think?

  9. Emm

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    Yeah i'm sure they are just shipping a few to each retailer. They just can't meet demands right now. Even if they get a few in by the 8th, there's probably already a waiting list from past pre-orders. B&H doesn't take pre-orders, so if you can catch the right time it's in stock, you can grab one from them.

  10. Jason

    I followed your original ebay h1 pre-order links and they're still there and at $99 but have the "we will ship to you once available" kinda deal like most everyone else. If thats the case..I feel safer with B&H..

    I wonder though..Amazon says available Sept 8th. I wonder how reliable that is because I get free overnight shipping with my Prime account..So its either B&H or Amazon..Trying to get it by the 11th..

  11. Emm

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    B&H may only take orders once they are in stock. Some other websites will allow you to 'pre-order' the item. Ebay may have them in stock, but at a markup at this point since they are in demand.

  12. Jason

    Ok I got a greenlight to purchase an H1 finally.

    Where is the best place to try and get it at this point? Where are all you guys having the best luck to those who already have them?

    Ebay Amazon B&H ??

    Thanks, Jason

  13. Motegi

    The dual mono adapter that you have linked would not work for the two separate mono channel recording since the adapter that you linked to would simply combine the two mono inputs into a single mono output.

    One way to easily differentiate whether an adapter has a mono or a stereo output is to see how many black "stripes" it has on the male plug. A single stripe means mono. Two stripes means stereo.

    This is the adapter that you need:

    Or this if you want something more compact:

    Again this should, in theory, place one mono input into the Left channel and the other mono input into the Right channel of the H1's recording. Thus it could cut down on the number of H1s that you might need to capture your audio for a shoot. Of course level controls may become a little more complicated.

    One could use an inline volume control such as this for the "louder" of the two channels to bring it down to the same level as the other channel:


    Radio Shack probably carries most of these connectors.

  14. Emm

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    Mono audio is fine, but the Zoom H1 with ATR3350 will only record to one side (i.e. only the Left side) and sounds weird. I have to duplicate it to the other side (i.e. Right side).

  15. Emm

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    We were talking about the switches, not the button. The switches for wav to mp3, and cut off, etc. are not affected by the hold button.

  16. For those complaining about the possibility of accidentally hitting a button that might turn off the record function I figured out the solution. Being as I don't read manuals (HAHA) and saw some concerns in an earlier post here I just tried pressing record and after you hit record slide the HOLD button in place and then that protects the unit from accidental button pressing. Disables everything and continues recording function. Tried hitting the hold position before recording and that didn't work, so for the heck of it tried it the other way and it was fine.

    I sure don't hear any bad noise yet out of this thing. Quite amazing results out of this tiny rig. One battery operation too. Man... my UHF System takes 4 batteries total and is a lot heavier. Since this is a separate track recording anyway, this takes a lot of the possibilities of failure out of the picture of frequency interference and range (yes it's happened before with the UHF).

  17. Motegi

    Another option if one was connecting a wireless mono lav plus a mono shotgun or a second mono lav would be to use one of these dual mono to stereo adapters:

    Dual Mono to Stereo Adapter

    I have not tested it as I still haven't received my H1 but in theory it would allow the H1 to record one mono input to the left channel and the other mono input to the right.

    I think it would be more useful than having a double recording of the same mono track.

  18. Fleck

    Don't think the H1 has the mono mix feature, but don't think you need it anyway. Just "center" your mono track in post.

  19. Mark Boardman

    I have a question. Why would you want to duplicate a mono source into a stereo timeline and run the risk of phase cancellation? I could see if you added effects to the clip to give more spread. I've had people sum a stereo mix to mono in live events before. This can have potential bad results on a mix.

    Anyway, I like your site and appreciate your hard work. How do you deal with the wife and money situation?
    I can't buy anything without justifying it to the wife.

    I bought the Tascam D100 for the dual record setup. I'm a little concerned about the preamp on the 5D and the lack of headphone jack.

  20. Tony


    I'm pretty sure that's the one. I watched it about a month ago but it was CHOCK full of information. The guy is an Aussie and really does a great job of covering all the crazy stuff that the H4n does.

    I'll try to get with my buddy and find out if this is the one he has. If so, I would highly recommend it to anyone that is wanting to extract the most out of their H4n.


  21. Emm

    Post author

    Damn, I didn't know that on the Zoom H4n. The H1 is very limited, I doubt it has the option but i'll check. Is this the DVD you watched?

  22. Tony

    Hey Emm,

    You do realize that you can get the H4n to record to both channels by using the mono mix feature right?

    All you have to do is go into "menu" then "input" then scroll down to "mono mix" and turn it on. Viola! Your mono mike will now be recorded on both sides... pretty cool huh?

    Don't know if the H1 does that but you may want to look through the menu though. Might save you some money and time.

    I had no idea all the great things that you could actually do with the H4n until a friend of mine ordered this tutorial DVD by some sound guy that absolutely loves the thing. It's an amazing piece of equipment that really goes far beyond just being a field recorder.

    Hope this helps.


  23. Mike Hall

    I probably could have sold my two H1s for a small profit, but instead I sent them back to the place I bought them from. I was very disappointed in the build quality and the ease of transmitting noise to the recording by holding the unit or even using a lav mic. It's a shame they didn't work as well as I had hoped! They are probably worth the $99 price though, as the audio quality and options are pretty decent. I'll just get another H4n, which will fit my needs better.

    Best of luck with yours and thanks for the mono-to-stereo tip!

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