Cheap A.S.S. Shoulder Support Video

Mixed Martial Arts Madness from alexis wanneroy on Vimeo.

Shot using the a Canon 5D Mark II + Cheap A.S.S.(<--that's an acronym) shoulder support from this article: along with an LCDVF viewfinder, Alexis Wanneroy was able to pull off some pretty stable footage. Not bad for a $20 dollar camera shoulder support.

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14 thoughts on “Cheap A.S.S. Shoulder Support Video

  1. Rabi

    @Emm - Okay. I assumed as much, but just wanted to make sure. I'm picking up the A.S.S. on your recommendation, and I am trying to figure out how to set it up.
    I'm totally new to DSLR video, your site is a huge help. I appreciate it a lot.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Rabi - Sorry that's just for mock up. Nothing was running at that time. Normally I would have run the Rode to the Zoom with a cable, but this was just an example video of placement.

  3. Rabi

    In the first post you described your full A.S.S. system in, you mounted an H4n to the back. It didn't look like you had a cord from the Rode Videomic running back there, were you running the Rode into the camera and using the H4n separately for ambient?

  4. Pete

    How much weight do you think this shoulder mount can support? If I attached a DIY cage with accessories to it, would it be able to support it?

  5. I have one of these shoulder mounts (thanks to cheesycam) and use it with my 7D. I mount it straight to the base on the shoulder mount versus using the "adapters or extenders" that come with it. They are made with pretty cheap plastic but all in all it get's the job done. I even flipped the camera around and shot myself running which was kinda cool, but that footage won't be hitting youtube or vimeo anytime soon so don't hold your breath!

  6. Also, for quick set ups, the shoulder mount is perfect. With a tripod, you have to pick it up and move it around, while adjusting it for the proper position. The shoulder mount automatically moves to where you want it to go without having to adjust anything.

  7. Alexis

    hello Kai,

    I didn't use a tripod because I moved a lot in the room to get the best angles possible and also to have a feeling of action type movement.
    I had to be able to be very mobile for that shoot.
    I also had a tripod but I ended up using the shoulder support because it was a lot more convenient.
    I also think it gives a bit of movement that made it less boring ... but that's a personal point of view.


  8. Josh

    I think the shoulder mount gives it that suttle "action film" feel. If it was just completly static it would be boring. This is a good chance to use a shoulder mount, as its boxing. Very nice results too.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    Sure, it can be done with a tripod. But if you wanted to know how well a shoulder support worked, do you think this is a good sample? Or would you like to see one moving all over the place with lots of shakiness?

  10. forgive my ignorance but, why use a shoulder rig at all for static shots like these? tripods are cheap and just as portable. there was no movement in any of these shots, leading me to believe they couldve all been done with a tripod that any videographer should already have...

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