Zoom Q3HD Portable HD Video Recorder with X/Y Stereo Sound


When Zoom released the first Q3 portable 'video' recorder with X/Y stereo sound, musicians swept it up playing to their YouTube audience. The video quality wasn't great, but the audio was what really stood out compared to similar Flip, Kodak, and Creative models. Well Zoom recently announced the Q3HD version that has quite a bit of upgrades over the previous model, but also throws a serious blow to other Pocket HD recorders. The Q3HD not only has some of the best audio for a pocket video recorder, but even includes a 'line in' and headphone monitoring. More Audio features are the ability to set different gains or manually set the audio levels with on screen metering. No mention on the unit's ability to do regular still photography, but there's a long list of Video Framerates including [email protected] - (No 24fps). There's built in 4x optical zoom, HDMI out for playback, and even works with a Windscreen for better outdoor audio recording.


I've blogged in the most random places, but getting good quality audio and video on the run is always a task. With the 'Line In' and Manual audio levels on this Portable recorder, it sounds like the perfect tool for Bloggers and event coverage use. Maybe add-on a small camera L Bracket with LED Light too. There's a long list of fun features for this new pocket HD Video recorder, and you can read more of the specs here: https://samsontech.com/products/productpage.cfm?prodID=2062


2 thoughts on “Zoom Q3HD Portable HD Video Recorder with X/Y Stereo Sound

  1. Emm

    Post author

    I'd definitely use it for the blog videos I do, and if it works well try it for some client projects. Shoulder rig? LOL.

  2. Looks like a great way to add a B cam to event videography. It's small enough that you could place this somewhere near the bride and groom at a wedding ceremony and pick up some good audio as well as some extra video.

    I hope they keep the price down. The previous version (Q3) started at $299, but is now available for $199. If they completely retire that model we might see the same type of pricing.

    The previous generation's video quality was subpar. It wasn't able to record well in low light situations, which is 90% of the time for most people. From the sample clips that I've seen, it looked like webcam quality video.

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