Redrock Micro EVF HDMI Pass Through

RedRock Micro adds in another feature for HDMI Pass Through, and claims the estimated price (under $600) still remains. With the HDMI pass through, not only can you still retain use of your ViewFinder, but you can split the feed to external monitors. After this type of announcement with pricing and feature set, and no additional Loupes required, what more could you need in a remote EVF at a higher price? Looks like a winner that I hope to add someday to my tool list. More specs from their website below, when available find it here:


The microEVF is the first electronic viewfinder designed from the ground up specifically for HDSLR cameras. The microEVF is not just a bulky repurposed LCD monitor: It is designed specifically for the needs of HDSLR emphasizing compact lightweight design, superior power consumption, and incredible affordability.

The popularity of HDSLRs such as the Canon 5D MKII for video and motion photography has skyrocketed in recent years, but the camera body is not ideal for video. The first generation of solutions for monitoring currently available –attaching an optical viewfinder to the back of the camera’s LCD screen –severely limit placement of the viewfinder and camera body and eliminate possibility of using additional monitors for camera assistants or directors. The new Redrock microEVF is an external electronic viewfinder that connects to the camera body and can be placed anywhere for maximum comfort and stability, and can be part of a multi-monitoring solution. The microEVF uses a custom made state-of-the-art backlit LED fitted in an attractive, ergonomic housing.

The microEVF is not limited to HDSLR cameras: it can be used on any video camera that provides HDMI output.

microEVF Features

* Compact, lightweight electronic viewfinder
* High resolution full-color display – greater resolution than the rear LCD on Canon EOS camera bodies
* Fully coated optics
* Adjustable focusing diopter
* Built-in HDMI passthrough for supporting additional monitors
* Oversized soft rubber cinema-style eyecup
* standard HDMI input connector
* Industry-standard 15mm rod pin: Viewfinder positioning infinitely configurable with Redrock support accessories
* Lightweight design requires minimal support - can be mounted from lower rails, top rails, or shoe-mounted rails
* Compatible with any HDSLR or videocamera that provides HDMI out (5D MKII, 7D, T2i, 1D MKIV, Nikon D3s, Nikon D3100, Nikon D7000, Panasonic AF100, etc.)

microEVF Advanced Electronic Assist Features*

* additional features to be announced

microEVF Technical Specifications*

* HDMI connection
* 1.2m total dots
* Backlit LED, very low power requirements
* Internal battery lasts 10+ continuous hours of operation
* Weight: less than 6 ounces

Pricing and availability

* Estimated $595 for the complete EVF - unlike other solutions with hidden costs, does not require additional viewfinder loupe.
* Availability to be announced

*all pricing, specfications, and features are draft and are subject to change without notice

5 thoughts on “Redrock Micro EVF HDMI Pass Through

  1. Fabdex

    It looks like a very usable design: I think that I could very well buy one the moment they come out.

    (Of course, I'd wait for your review !)

  2. Emm

    Post author

    Actually you can't use both the LCD on the camera and an external monitor. Once the HDMI is in use, you'll need to use a splitter. They are offering a Loupe magnifier, and the option to use another HDMI device.

  3. jj

    Um, how exactly does a attaching an optical view finder to the back of the lcd screen "eliminate possibility of using additional monitors for camera assistants or directors?" Surely you can use both. I've seen it done. Why would Redrock make this up? It's a nifty item already, they don't need to embellish the selling point by making it sound like it solves a problem nobody has...

  4. I like almost everything about Redrock's evf. I just wish there was a better mounting option. What about a simple hotshoe at the bottom, i can add arms to get it to the side. oh hum.

  5. Now this is something to get excited about. In that other EVF post we were arguing over the price and this product is exactly what I was talking about. It's priced way better than competition and it's a whole package instead of needing to buy more things from the company that makes it.

    Also, this is stepping the game up a bit too with HDMI passthrough which is really showing that they are thinking about the design and usability of the product. I'm sold for sure.

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