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Zoom H1 Portable Audio Recorder

These bad boys have been in demand for some time now. Still hard to get at your big time retailers, but thanks to Greg R. for this hint. Greg just ordered one from this company and they mentioned they had a few more in as well. Greg writes in and unselfishly shares his find with the rest of you. It appears the same company that had a few in stock I posted about happened to get a few more in. Key words here people are 'A Few More'. If you're still hunting one down, you can check out the auction going on right now by following this link: Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder

Another alternative showing just 3 available can be found here: Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder

11 thoughts on “Zoom H1 – Some Available

  1. Cwow

    Hey Emm,

    I have noticed a high pitch hissing noise on my H1's. Both when they have a lav mic plugged in and during ambient recording.

    My settings are:
    auto, wav, low cut on.

    Any thoughts on what this could be from?


  2. PK

    Hmmm. Those samples leave me completely unimpressed. Certainly, I understand that to use these things for real, you would need to put a mic on it but I was hoping for a little better quality with the onboard mic. Of course, what you have is one test.

    I thought the Tascam sounded a touch better than the H1 but not having a tripod mount really sucks. The goal in having one these things is to do simple recording, easily mounted on the dslr and having decent quality. For other things, I would just get one of those $20 lavs that you recommend.

    p.s. When you take a break from blogging, it saves me money!

  3. Emm

    Post author

    I have uploaded some wav samples in this article: httpss://cheesycam.com/tascam-dr-08-vs-zoom-h1-continued/

    Is that what you wanted to listen to?

  4. PK

    Thanks for the info. I was actually referring to your updated audio comparison between the H1 and DR-08 once you get the time.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    I have the H4n also, so i'm good in that area. The phantom power and XLR inputs are needed for certain shotguns like the Sennheiser. I only got into the Ultra Portables for the purpose of using it as a body pack with LAV. If you don't need that functionality you can't go wrong with H4n.

  6. PK

    Ditto on Sam Ash in NJ. Went in last night and they had 3. They also had the Tascam DR-08 as well as the H2, H3(?) and the H4n.

    Emm - even though you said that the H1 was really plasticky, I was still surprised. So much so that I didn't buy it, especially since Sam Ash has a 15% stocking fee.

    The DR-08 wasn't much better although I was surprised that it was so close in size even though you said as much in your review. (Why I don't believe you is kinda strange given that I live for this site.)

    My immediate reaction was to wonder if I should invest instead in the H4n. Ultimately, I think I will get either the H1 or the DR-08 because of the cheap cost. I'm just waiting to hear more of your thoughts.


  7. I'm still waiting on mine which I ordered through The Camera Store in Calgary (Alberta). I really hope it comes soon, as I want to get my camera cage finished off and everything mounted/hooked up. I have no idea what other place would sell them around here, other than Vistek (which I tend to avoid, and is generally more expensive).

  8. Also check out your local music stores. I walked in to Sam Ash (City of Industry, CA) and picked one up immediately. He said they had a lot in stock.

    btw - Thanks for an awesome site!

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