Mail Bag – Monday ( Oh Damn! )


Whoa!! It's on on on. Mail bag box Monday includes two very exciting boxes that combined is one awesome rig. Been waiting on this one for a while, too bad I didn't have it a few weeks earlier for my Hawaii trip.

I'm not only thinking just Photography. I didn't get to dive in completely but it's variable speed might be used to create the smoothest, slowest, and most consistent video slide ever. It's definitely a great looking, solid built, light weight tool. I opted in for just 4 feet since I was a bit worried about the weight, but thinking I should have gone for something a bit larger. It's in a bunch of pieces that need some assembly, so i'll drag it back to the lair this evening and see if I'm smart enough to get this thing rockin'. I can't wait to see some of the results from it's use.

If you're still wondering what i'm talking about, the image below will be your first clue. The only thing this rig is missing is the Cooler full of Beer and Portable BBQ grill which I assume is standard issue when out shooting. Luckily I have a few of those items available. By the way, it's still in Beta so it's not ready to be shipped. Having said that anyone down to spend a few hours possibly this week / weekend testing this bad boy out?

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7 thoughts on “Mail Bag – Monday ( Oh Damn! )

  1. Mike

    I almost quit watching the video 'cuz it took so long for them to show stuff shot by this thing. However, I'm glad I stuck around. Very cool.

  2. I got interested in the setup from that vimeo video

    btw there is a feature to use this also for video. it's entirely programmable, from dead-slow for timelapse to normal speed, which makes it entirely usable for video

    you need to test it for video. one feature I also am not sure about is programmable panning and other movements.

  3. That's f'n amazing! I realize for what it is, $800 is a no brainer, but at this point trying to justify it is tough. That's almost as much as another camera. Once I start making more money with my video work, I'm all over this thing, and yes, 6' seems to be the way to go, especially for the extra $50.

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