Yongnuo 135 Solo Light Review

Vimeo member Rod Guajardo puts up a simple one light test with the Yongnuo 135. I know some people have been asking for a real skin tone example of how this light performs. As far as coverage of light, it does a good job for a talking head interview type shot. Would be great to see one more light as a fill, and maybe one for a rim light in this type of setup. I think it could work considering these are about half the price of a Z96.

So not sure if it's my eyes, or of it's my screen, but do you think there's hint of green? It could be quite possible as green is a common cast from LED lighting. Even on the popular 126 and 500 LED light panels, people have been finding that adding a 1/8 minus green gel seems to balance it out perfectly. Not sure if that's the case in this video, but i'll see if I can grab some gels and experiment with mine. [Thanks Rod]

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 9.14.48 AM
find-price-button 1/8 Minus Green Color Gels

find-price-button Yongnuo 135 Dimmable LED Video Light

11 thoughts on “Yongnuo 135 Solo Light Review

  1. hi emm,
    i just got one of these and yeah I think it flickers just like what romeo refers to.

    i used a dslr 5D
    shutter 1/50 , 24p.

    batteries are enelope, new, fully charged.

    unless someone can show that this is not the case by showing a link to their own test, i would not suggest this for dslr users.

  2. Hepi

    The Yongnuo 135 is a great LED light with a few problems though. The small tripod holder does come off very easy, needs to be fixed somehow, glue? The light also emitts a irritating high tone noise powered from Canon batteries. never heard that on a LED light before.

  3. Fabdex

    On my monitor, his lips have a little bit of blue and his skin does look king of green/olive. But I think a proper white balance would fix that.

  4. St. Louis Lookin' Dude

    Emm, you ain't seeing things. That dude looks green in the gills. The minus green gel should solve the problem.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @jeremy - Many cheap bulbs will overpower these LED lights, but for some it comes down to convenience. You can't run around with alien bees on the camera, and for some location shoots you'd also need to drag an external power source. 3 of these will fit into a small 'fanny pack' while three Alien Bees would need a rolling case.

  6. Defiantly appreciate the video...just one question, I feel like I get the same lighting amount from the 100watt bulbs in my modeling lights on my alien bees at that setting, am I wrong? $50 bucks is a great price but i'm concerned i'm getting something that is doing the same thing as something i already own?

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