10 thoughts on “Mock Crane movements – Slider Tips

  1. John

    I just got the email saying it shipped. It should be here on Wednesday (from CA to WA). I hope yours was shipped with the batch as well. Just email them and ask...good luck. Thanks.

  2. John,

    Thanks for the info. I am tempted to cancel my order and go elsewhere with my business. I really need the slider next week and I can't take any chances. It's just difficult getting a slider for under $400 without having to do drill it with a drill press or some heavy machine. Plus I hear the Igus can be fickle when it comes to sliding. I have yet to see one clear post anywhere on which is the best Igus to buy and set up easy.

  3. John


    It'll be a miracle if you get it next week. I placed my order on 1/24 and as of today 2/5, it has not shipped yet. The email communication is just as bad... You won't get a reply for days. The first reason they gave me was: 1. slammed by a huge increase of orders because of the videos on youtube. A few days later, I emailed again and they told me 2. their anodizer has failed them and they had to resend their last shipment to get redone.... Today I emailed them again and of course did not get an update...

  4. I just ordered an ultraslider today. I had some questions about weight capacity, mounting screws and holes so I emailed them yesterday and got no response. I also called yesterday and today but nobody answered. I am going to try it on a documentary I am shooting next weekend. Hopefully I get it in time. I will let you know what I think of it.
    Definitely sounds a little loud from the video but I don't think that is a huge problem as my audio will be separate and it's most for scenic B roll.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan P - I believe it only comes in 5ft. minimum. Good for a dolly, a bi long for a slider. Can't fit in my Honda.

  6. Anthony

    Anyone know what they were using to do all these "mock crane movements"? I am very interested in purchasing a slider and/or crane but I'm not sure I can swing it just yet. Would be cool if it was just some DIY type project. Thanks!

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