Cell Phone Music Video Nokia N8 BTS

The Apple iPhone 4 quickly took to video hobbyists with shorts and music videos being completely shot on the device. This time YouTube member Kyle Roberts shoots an entire music video on a Nokia N8. Aside from the N8 itself, there's some serious Tripods and Sliders going on in this BTS video. There's also some DIY gear involved to work with the small form factor of the device. Sure it might just be another cell phone music video but it's been shot, edited, and uploaded which is more than what most people can do with even the fanciest of gear. It's all for the love and the fun, and it's a way to get out and shoot - No excuses. You can catch the final color graded and edited music video at the end of the BTS clip. [Thanks Kyle]

2 thoughts on “Cell Phone Music Video Nokia N8 BTS

  1. getem

    Focus seemed off at times, personally without being able to control focus it's something I could never really use. No DOF at all......

    I think this was a great project, but not really impressed with the quality of the footage.

  2. I want to say that he did an awesome job. I heard comments on how it could of been better with this camera and that camera. SHUT UP!at one time movies were being made with cameras that were less value than a cell phone. Silent movie cameras were not even close what cell phone is equipped to do these days and they made money.So if he wouldn't have told you this was a cell phone, you would have never knew. I think he did an awesome job and I appreciate the talent.We are all spoiled by what equipment that is used instead of appreciating the work that was done.I seen video and movies that were done with expensive cameras and they were crap, so stop being so hard and appreciate the effort.

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